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California Assemblyman Arrested After ‘Angry’ Daughter Tells Teacher He Injured Her with a Spanking

Joaquin and Elizabeth Arambula
Screenshot/ABC 30

Joaquin Arambula says they only spank their children as a last resort — maybe once a year.

As the Daily Mail reports, the California Assemblyman representing part of Fresno County was arrested Monday on suspicion of misdemeanor willful cruelty to a child. It all started when the dad-of-three spanked his 7-year-old daughter on Sunday evening.

In an interview with ABC 30 News, Joaquin explained that his daughter had been behaving badly that evening, so he disciplined her:

“We have nights where we get overwhelmed and feel like we have work that we need to do with our kids. That night, was a night where she was acting out.”

He added that he believed, “It’s what parents have to be able to do, to have some ground rules to be good parents.”

As a consequence of his daughter’s behavior, the dad spanked the girl. He later told the Los Angeles Times that he spanked her on the bottom with his hand. A former emergency room doctor, Joaquin didn’t notice any injury to the girl on Sunday night or Monday morning.

However, the next day, his daughter was still upset about it. Elizabeth Arambula, Joaquin’s wife, and the girl’s mother told ABC 30:

“She was angry. She was really angry that he spanked her. She woke up angry, and she went to school angry, and wanted to be heard.”

According to the Fresno Bee, when the girl got to school on Monday, she reported the spanking to her teacher, who passed it on to the administration. When school administrators noticed an injury on the girl, they called Child Protective Services (CPS). Joaquin’s daughter told investigators that her dad had caused the injury.

When Elizabeth arrived to pick the children up from school, she was told that her oldest daughter was at the office and that she couldn’t see her. Joaquin was arrested and both parents questioned by police.

Elizabeth and Joaquin were not able to see their kids for two days, as CPS removed the children from the home and sent them to his parents. The three children (aged 3, 6, and 7) were allowed to return home on Wednesday.

Formal charges have not yet been made against Joaquin, though police say they will turn the case over to the District Attorney next week. Joaquin told the Fresno Bee he’s thankful his daughter’s school, CPS, and the police all did their jobs:

“There’s a process to be played out, and this process played out, and they determined that the kids should go back home. I’m excited about that. But we have a job and a responsibility to continue to be good parents, and that’s what I want to work on and will strive to do.”

Under California law, it is not illegal to spank a child, unless the spanking is excessive or unjustified. Joaquin told the Times:

“I thought the discipline that we did was appropriate. And we have to feel as parents as if there are times we have to help to correct, and sadly we’re at where we are now.”

Joaquin says that CPS suggested the family go to counseling. The agency also plans to follow-up by checking on the children in 30 days. The dad says he welcomes both. He told the Fresno Bee:

“Everyone who knows us in the community and has seen us in the community knows that I’m a loving father. I care about my daughters deeply. And I’m just going through a process and trying the best I can to be a husband and father who’s putting us back together again.”

Joaquin denies that the arrest will affect his political career. He told the LA Times that his priority right now is his family, but, “I believe the community that elected me knows me. They have seen me and my family and my daughters, and they trust and believe that I am a great father.”

Now that their daughter is back home, Joaquin and Elizabeth say they want to take this opportunity to learn how to better talk and connect with their daughter. He told the Fresno Bee:

“Being a parent isn’t easy for anybody. Adding more stress and difficulty on top of it exacerbates the challenge that we have. There’s no manual to being a parent. You do the best you can every single day. And that’s what we do. We’re trying with our kids.”


The Arambula's say that child abuse charges came because their daughter was angry that she was spanked Sunday night.In an interview with Liz Harrison ABC30 Action News, they share what they learned from the experience.Full story:

Posted by ABC30 Action News on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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  1. Spanking (with an open hand) is a God given right (when done non-excessively, and for correctional reason – to a younger child). If the young child is not corrected along the way, you have the chaos that we know as snowflakes – no boundaries, acting out, no respect.

    After the age of about 10 – the child should of got the message – “this behavior is not right, I should not do it).

    • You as parents have every right to spank your child when they are throwing fits are acting out, they’re spoiled rotten these days, and parents cuddling constantly creates nothing but monsters self-centered narcissistic monsters. The Bible even says about spanking it actually uses the word stick. It says if they be discipline will they surely die? No but the father who does not retrieve their child hates them because the end result is just what I said above

      • You as parents have every right to spank your child when they are throwing fits are acting out, they’re spoiled rotten these days, and parents cuddling constantly creates nothing but monsters self-centered narcissistic monsters. The Bible even says about spanking it actually uses the word stick. It says if they be discipline will they surely die? No but the father who does not discipline their child hates them because the end result is just what I said above

  2. What i want to know is… Was the daughter at all remorseful about her false allegation or is she just continuing to be a bitch because she was able to get daddy in trouble!? Personally, I’d ground her until she apologized!

  3. Punishment falls into two categories
    1) Discipline which can be verbal or combination of verbal and written or time out/in loss of privilege and others actions that are done with the clear understanding that the individual being disciplined is capable of learning from the mistake and consequences
    2)the child has demonstrated an unwillingness to learn or cooperate punitive is complete loss of privilege and can result in corporal physical punishment. There should only be one spank for each offense. Anything more is for the one administering not the person being spanked

  4. What I want to know is why the school isnt being investigated into. I understand that the child reported being spanked and the school reported it because they found a little mark, how would the school know? The school would’ve had to look at the childs body to know that and I am pretty sure legally they cannot look at a childs body like that. When I hear a child is spanked my first thought is on the butt like I grew up with. If it was the butt that means the child would’ve had to undress for them to see the mark. So, what?

    • I don’t know where the mark was but as a retired teacher I can tell you if a child reports something like this teachers are REQUIRED BY LAW to report it. The teacher can go be arrested if this procedure isn’t followed.

    • Legally the school would not be able to pull the child’s pants down to investigate whether or not there was an injury. They would have had to have called the police which in turn the police would have child protective services get involved take the child to the ER or hospital to be examined to see if there was an injury it’s a long process for a lot of lies

  5. Our son threatened to run away several times. We always responded, “We love you and will miss you.” That wasn’t the answer he was expecting. And then he would think about where he would live, what he would eat, etc…

    If their daughter is that unhappy and ungrateful she should apply for emancipation and go somewhere else and learn about reality.

      • She’s 7 and probably spoiled rotten already and that’s probably the reason she’s acting out because she didn’t get her way and her father shocked her with a spanking instead of saying or giving into whatever she wanted. Deal gone bad on the child’s behalf cuz she probably stomped her feet and screamed and threw herself around like I see some kids to do. I’ve literally seen kids slap their parent punch them in the face you name it. Nope not happening

    • I’m pretty sure a 7 year old can not apply for emancipation, but she surely could go live some place else where the rules might be more strict than at home.

  6. She’d been sent to a juvie to see where she was headed now that spanking her little smart ass is off the table! Notice she white. Ain’t no little black kid gonna pull that shit.

    • seriously??? You truly believe that a child that’s black couldn’t pull the same stuff as a white child? This isn’t about race….why is it that someone always has to try to make a mountain out of a mole hill. She got her WHITE bottom busted, and obviously she deserved it….regardless of race, ALL kids act out, and I can’t imagine a single child that hasn’t had or didn’t deserve, at some point, a spanking on the butt with an open hand. If parents would step up and take control of their children we’d not have them killing each other in the streets, running away, high on drugs, becoming child prostitutes and living on welfare because shiftless parents have taught them that the world owes them something….

      • I don’t think she meant that the child would not behave like that simply because they’re black. I think she meant most little kids if they’re black will realize that their mom and dads are in control they’re the parents and if they act up they’re going to get their butt whooped. And they’re not going to run to their teacher and tell him they’ve been injured because they’re black parent spank their butt

    • Most kids know they got it coming. they just are used to being able to get their way so they escalate more and more all the time oh, I came from the south grew up with butt whoopins and delivered the same to my kids when they acted crazy, you got to shut them down before they shut you down

  7. No wonder the kids today are out of control, parents are afraid of their kids, and this right here is why. All my mom had to do is give me “the look” And I knew better.

    • While I don’t agree with abuse a parent has to decipline their children. Look at all the kids who have none and how they turn out. I pray for this family.

  8. This outcome is g going to have a chilling effect on the way they will parent going forward because the will be on pins and needles when it comes to disciplining their children. She might get neglected emotionally and socially by her father. And though some may say he can and should learn better parenting skills, this experience for him can adversely affect their relationship.

    • Exactly all because of meddling outsiders on the schools. I believe schools should pay attention to students when they come to the school principal with a legitimate issue ..Every time..if they see there is reason to proceed so be it but they should call the parents first. And also refuse to allow the parents to take the child home unless they are willing to have the situation resolved before they take them. And they mother should be willing to allow the school nurse to visually see if the child has any injuries or not problem solved

  9. This outcome is going to have a chilling effect on the way they will parent going forward because they will be on pins and needles when it comes to disciplining their children. She might get neglected emotionally and socially by her father. And though some may say he can and should learn better parenting skills, this experience for him can adversely affect their relationship.

  10. There is nothing wrong with spanking and after once or twice children learn. I was spanked several times growing up and I learned. I was also brought up to respect my elders and have manners something a lot of kids don’t have today … Snowflake.

  11. What a waste of taxpayer dollars that the friggin police have to investigate this. Aren’t they all laughing st the idiocy of this entire thing. I’d be embarrassed if I were the school who actually called….

  12. my daughter started that “if you spank me i will call the police” i handed her the phone and said call. the police will come and take mommy and daddy to jail and find you a new mommy and daddy to live with. that nipped that in the butt real quick.

    • My son tried that I’m me at 11 years old I handed him the phone as well, it didn’t work out well for him the police officer came out and let him know that the reason he got spanked was legitimate and that he might not want to do it anymore. Unless he wanted to go live with a foster home.. children learn what they live. Children deserve to be safe secure and loved but also disciplined and let them learn that they can’t boss the parents and demand their way. Lack of discipline produces rotten fruit you’re the world’s full of it

  13. I think spanking has to be an option for parents! A swat to get their attention that you will not tolerate their behavior! We have a generation of kids who have not been held accountable for themselves. Come on people – parents need to let their children know who is in charge! I don’t support beating a child but I do believe parents need to start being parents again and teaching their kids right from wrong!

    • schools, and daycare, medical personnel, are mandated reporters. This means that if you see something suspicious
      you are required to report it no matter how minor you THINK it is. Because if a child tells you something, and later it turns out that it was a child being seriously abused you will go to jail. It is to protect children who really are being abused, but we aren’t given much room to decide the credibility of the situation. If a child complains, or has a bruise, you are supposed to report it and CPS will sort it out.

    • Except once you do that , you can’t necessarily get them back when you want them. Once you get Social Services involved they pretty much take over.

  14. My adopted son, who had a ton of emotional/mental problems, told his teacher one day that he couldn’t sit down because his butt hurt from a spanking. As is usual, the teacher reported to the principal, and the police were called. I had no idea this had happened until 10 PM that night when the police arrived at my door wanting to see my son. I made him drop his pants and show the police man his butt and there wasn’t a mark on him. He hadn’t even had a spanking in weeks. The nice policeman told my boy that if he lied like that again, they would take HIM to juvenile hall. He also told him that he would spank the little brat for pulling this! I did speak to the teacher and asked why she didn’t look for an injury before calling the police, and she said because it was a male student. Then I turned to the male principal and told him that HE should have done so since he knew my son and that he lied all the time. They were both embarrassed, and rightly so. You are allowed to spank your kids as long as you don’t leave any LASTING marks. So a little redness on their butt that lasts a 1/2 hour or so isn’t a reason to call the police. Some kids don’t need spanking, or at least not often, but some kids DO! I would tell that little brat that got her dad arrested that next time she wants to behave like that, the parents will call the authorities and tell them that she is ‘out of control’ and have HER picked up. A few days in juvenile hall would do that kid a world of good. Parents shouldn’t have to be afraid of their kids and should be able to spank when it is deemed necessary without fear of reprisal. The generation that didn’t spank their kids are the parents of the Snowflake generation.

  15. That’s what happens when the politics and government tells you what you can and can’t do with your own life… goooooo dems in California!!!!

  16. Put the daughter in a foster home. This brat obviously doesn’t appreciate her parents… she might learn a good life lesson.

  17. I have 3 kids, NEVER had to spank one. All are responsible citizens and never got into any serious trouble. Parents become physical when they don’t know what to do and it doesn’t do any good. A child fearing a spamming is not teaching them anything. Parent need to use their brains, not their hands…come up with a logical solution that will actually TEACH the child something.

    • Please list all of your wonderful workable advice as a parent here..(
      )as I am sure all of the appearance who have given their input and have not been successful as you have with your three children would really appreciate how you did that. You said it said means using your brain yours must be different than most. So please help us out.. because no one really wants to spank their kids unless it becomes totally necessary .thank you

  18. It is written in the Bible spare not the rod and spoil the child I spanked my children when other ways failed. My oldest brothers daughter took him to court for spanking her and they told him he was not allowed to spank her anymore,my oldest daughter asked me what would I do if she had did that to me and I replied that’s ok I would go to court and pay my fine or go to jail and serve my time BUT when I get back home her ass is mine God gave these children to me not to the court I will raise them up in the way of the Lord I was spanked when I was growing up and I am so thankful for my Christian parents that loved me enough to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord to raise me right.The court wants to take away a parents right to correct their children but when said child gets into trouble with the law they want to know why you can”t control your child or children I am totally against child abuse but proper spanking is not child abuse you can”t tie a parents hands and expect them to be able to raise a child right.

  19. Everyone is complaining about the school calling CPS and how schools shouldn’t do this etc… But then how do we protect kids who really are being abused . Years ago people didn’t want to get involved in ” family matters ” so no one helped these kids in truly abusive homes. And just because a kid comes from a “good ” home doesn’t mean they aren’t being abused. I see both sides of this .I agree parents should be able to discipline as they see fit, but if we don’t want schools to report complaints then how do we “weed out ” the cases of real complaints and help those kids, from the kids just being little brats?

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