After her controversial tell-all memoir, one might assume that Caitlyn Jenner has no bones left to pick. But on Tuesday night, she proved otherwise when she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The 67-year-old was discussing her book, “The Secrets of My Life,” when she began reflecting on the time she started transitioning, during which the public was unaware of exactly what was happening.

At the time, that confusion led to some pretty harsh rumors in tabloids all over the world — not to mention Jenner being the butt of many late-night talk show jokes.

Jenner has always been open about her disdain for Jimmy Fallon; even before she transitioned into Caitlyn, Bruce opened up about Fallon’s insensitive jokes while filming “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”:

And even went on Fallon’s show to give him a piece of her mind:

But during the time in her life when she was trying to transition and explain herself to her friends and family, the media became harsher than ever. She told Kimmel on Tuesday:

“There I was, back in Malibu all by myself and, as I slowly went through [transitioning], told all my children because it had been hammered all over the media for the longest time.”

And with raised eyebrows and a stern expression, Jenner said:

“In fact … guys like you … making some jokes.”

Kimmel, nervously laughing, quickly offered his reasoning and an apology:

“Right, but we didn’t know what was happening! We thought you were just vain.

Sorry about that, by the way.”


Thankfully for the talk show host, Jenner accepted his response, saying:

“No, it’s quite alright.”

Still, Jenner circled back to the one talk show host who seems to still really bother her:

“Now he’s down to apologize! But I accept your apology. I don’t know if you saw it, but when I was on Jimmy Fallon, I gave him a really hard time.”

Kimmel, however, was just happy to be off the hook and, like any good comedian, went with it:

“Well, he deserves it. He said some really terrible things about you.”

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All jabbing and joking aside, it’s clear from past interviews and statements that Jenner truly did have a problem with all the scrutiny she was under by the media, especially prior to her transition. At the time, she was still on speaking terms with most of her family, not to mention her wife of 22 years, Kris.

Now, unfortunately, that isn’t the case; while Jenner has seemingly made amends with the media, she’s no longer on good terms with the entirety of her family.

Both relationships appeared to shift after the release of her book. Jenner’s openness and honesty, while entertaining for the masses, caused a rift between her and her children.

Her daughter, Kendall, previously told mom Kris that the things Caitlyn says about the Kardashians are out of line:

“[Caitlyn] goes around dissing the Kardashians, but it’s like, those are the children that you raised.

If you have a problem with them, you raised them. It makes no sense to me that she would go around bashing us for no reason. It’s insane, mom.”

For now, Jenner is focused on her future, which as of Sunday might include a run for senator.

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