When a Milwaukee bus driver saw a toddler walking around alone in the middle of the street barefoot, her instincts were to help the frightened girl get back home safely.   

Transit driver Diana Serrano first spotted the 2-year-old on August 4 just after 6 a.m. along her Lapham Boulevard route, according to a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) news release. 

Serrano told Fox 6 that her first thought was, “I know someone is not loading their kid in traffic.”

Another driver noticed the partially dressed girl, and pulled over to rescue the toddler from danger.

However, the man was on his way to work and couldn’t wait around with the toddler, reports MCTS. 

Fox 6

Serrano told him, “‘Give her to me and I’m going to take her and make sure she’s OK,'” reports Fox 6. She said the toddler had “tears rolling down her cheeks.”

Surveillance video from the bus showed Serrano pulling the wandering toddler into her arms, and leading the girl away from the roadway and onto the bus.

Fox 6

The MCTS worker stayed with the child while waiting for police to respond.

Serrano comforted the little girl with puppy photos while the two waited for authorities.

Fox 6

The bus driver explained:

“One of my daughters recently got a cute puppy and I knew showing the girl some pictures would keep her mind off of the scary situation.”

Brendan Conway of Milwaukee County Transit System said of the incident:

“She kind of protects this child. She brings her on the bus. She calls her into our dispatch office.”

According to MCTS, in less than two years Milwaukee bus drivers have helped eight children who were lost or went missing. 

Conway said:

“We don’t especially say ‘if you see a child, look out for them,’ but our drivers are trained to look for anything in, on, or around the bus, and that’s why you oftentimes see drivers do great things.”

According to the release, the lost 2-year-old was returned to her mother.

Investigators discovered the girl snuck out of her home while her family was asleep.

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