Bus driver saves student from speeding car

A bus driver is being hailed a hero after she saved a student from being hit by a speeding car.

On May 7, Norwich City School District posted surveillance video captured by a camera inside one of their buses.

The video shows bus driver Samantha Call on her morning route, on April 26.

The video also captured the heroic moment Call reaches out to grab a student’s sweater, pulling him backward, in order to prevent him from getting hit by the speeding car attempting to pass the stopped bus.

Shortly after the video starts, Call can be heard screaming, “No, no no,” before grabbing the student and pulling him back.

Call then slammed on the horn to alert the driver of the car.

Another girl sitting in the first seat then commended Call for her quick-thinking as the boy began walking off the bus again:

“That was a nice grab.”

The video has been viewed more than 660,000 times. And hundreds of others also praised Call in the comments:

Awesome job, thanks for your dedication to protecting kids, Samantha!

Amazing job, thanks for protecting these beautiful children everyday. This world needs more people like you.

Thank God for your quick thinking! You are a blessing and inspiration to all of us

Thank goodness for an alert driver.

Along with the video the New York school district warned other drivers on the road that this is why it’s so important to follow a bus’s stop sign:

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. This is exactly why you should NEVER pass a school bus when the stop arm is out and the red lights are flashing!

Quick-thinking, fast-acting #Norwich bus driver Samantha Call prevented an almost-certain tragedy from occurring at 10:44 a.m. Friday, April 26, on State Route 12.

Click the #video to watch the six-year NCSD driver stop a student just short of disaster, grabbing the boy from behind as a car whizzes by the open school bus doors.

A statement issued by Call’s supervisor, William Loomis praises Call for her actions:

“Samantha did an outstanding job. All of our drivers undergo continuous training so they’re prepared to handle situations like this. We hope this video helps everyone to realize the dangers of passing a stopped school bus.”

According to NYup.com, the boy’s parents were also “very emotional” after seeing the video for themselves and are “very thankful for the bus driver” who saved their son.

It’s unclear if the driver of the car was ever identified.

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