A New Mexico couple had a burglar crying for his “mommy” after he broke into their home wearing nothing but stolen underwear and a muscle shirt.

According to CBS4, when Zaira Herrera went to open the door of her Vado home on Wednesday, she knew something was off. Initially, she noticed the top lock on her front door was locked instead of just the bottom one.

She said:

“I unlocked the door, and as soon as I unlocked it, I noticed both of them were locked.”

Then, when she proceeded to open the door, she noticed a stack of pillows blocking it from the inside. Next, she entered the home to find several lights on before she spotted a shadow inside of the bedroom.


Her husband pulled up soon after, and the couple snuck up on the intruder carrying a bat and knives for protection. Herrera said her husband pinned the intruder down, and instead of fighting back, the burglar began to cry.

As CBS4 reports, Herrera said:

“He was crying for his mom. He was like ‘mommy, mommy.'”

The intruder, Jared Rickman, allegedly broke in the family’s home through the back door, trashed it, made food, showered, tried on clothes, and even put holes in the walls.

The Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office arrested the 18-year-old burglar on several charges including burglary and damage to property of over $1000.

Herrera is happy that her children were out with her husband instead of with her when she arrived home that day.

She explained:

“I think if it was just a regular day with me and the kids, he would’ve heard all the noise, and he would’ve attacked us.”

The mom said she’d even found bags of their items Rickman had packed to steal from their home.

Although things turned out okay for Herrera and her family, Safe Wise advises people not to enter their home, if they suspect a burglar is inside. Instead, one should immediately find a safe space and contact the police.

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3 Replies to “Wife and Husband Tackle Burglar Who Allegedly Wore Their Clothes — Wife Says He Started Crying for His ‘Mommy’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The guy sounds mentally ill, not necessarily an outright burglar. If he was just there to rob them, he would have grabbed the goods and left. He was lounging around like he lived there almost, showering and wearing their clothes. The bags he had packed probably had daily living items in it and not valuables. The guy probably needs some mental help and not jail. I’m glad it didn’t say the couple beat the crap out of him. He may have run away from a group home or something if he’s 18.

  • Granny 2 years ago


  • Taz 2 years ago

    They should have kicked the crap out of him, breaking several bones. Then bust him in the head several times to put him in a coma. That would give him something to think about as he sloowly recover in a rehab center, learning to walk and talk again! Dirty piece of crap!!

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