While 13 year-old Nevaeh Robinson waited at a bus stop two blocks from her school, she suffered from an unimaginable act of bullying.

CBS 3 reports that Nevaeh’s classmate set her hair on fire with a lighter as others looked on and laughed.

The Gompers School eighth-grader said she was afraid for her life:

“When it happened, I panicked real fast, because I thought I was going to die because it burned my hair so fast.”

Nevaeh said the incident was “traumatizing” as she frantically patted the fire out with her hands. Other kids reportedly just looked on and laughed.

The fire resulted in Nevaeh having first-degree burns, a two-inch bald spot, and bald patches around her hairline.

Nevaeh’s mother, Tanya Robinson said if it were not for her hairstyle, she could have died:

“The doctor told me her hairstyle saved her life. Had it been different, she might not be here.”

Robinson told CBS that Naveah has been the victim of bullying once before at another school two years ago. She said a classmate broke Nevaeh’s thumb. However, she said she wants justice for Nevaeh and action taken against the bully this time:

“I called the police as soon as they came home, took her to the hospital, the fire chief came out. I’ve spoken to the school district, I’ve spoken to the principal at the school.”

She said due to the severity of this, she wants to see the bully expelled from school.

CBS 3 reports that the Philadelphia police are investigating the incident.

The Philadelphia School District provided a statement providing as much information as they can at this moment. However, they did say they followed “policy and procedure:”

We cannot comment on specific instances of school discipline, however this type of violence is unacceptable. School District did follow its policy and procedure on this matter.

Robinson said even though Neveah has to cover her hair because of the damage as a result of the fire, she is glad her daughter is still here:

“I’d rather have her here with no hair, than not here.”

Neveah told CBS 3 that as a result of the fire, she has head pain “from the back, all the way up to the front.”

Even though Robinson plans to now homeschool her daughter, she said they are not giving up.

They are continuing to fight because according to Robinson things like this shouldn’t be swept under the rug.


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3 Replies to “A 13-Teen-Year Old Refuses to Give Up After Bully Lights Her Hair on Fire As Others Laughed”

  • Alyssa 2 years ago

    I cannot even imagine! How can children do this to other children? Kids don’t think about consequences anymore, they just do things that could potentially kill somebody with no remorse at all. I really fear for the future of this nation and for my children and grandchildren’s future. I feel so sorry for this beautiful little girl who will forever be scarred by this act of insanity.

  • Mary 2 years ago

    Involve the bully’s parents in the consequences. They too need to learn to reach their children what is right and what is wrong. Parents need to be invited in their children’s life.

  • Sharon Jackson 2 years ago

    Hey Girl..I was bullied from grade school to Senior High and I’m 62 yrs old now. They are either jealous or having problems at home so they act out on others. Just be strong, you seem to already be, and pray for them. They need help and the Lord in their lives. You will be fine and grow up to be a special person. You are beautiful..

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