Pink has long spoken out against bullying in her music. So when she heard a little girl listened to her music to get through teasing, the songstress knew just what to do.

Oregon teacher Pernille Ripp tweeted last week that she was taking her daughter, Thea, to see her idol after going through serious bullying last year.

The mom wrote that Pink’s music helped her child get through some hard times and shared a photo of her posing with a concert ticket.

Ripp wrote:

When Thea was viscously bullied last year – kicked, punched, shoved and repeatedly told how ugly she was and that no one would ever love her, we played @pink song F***ing Perfect over and over to drown out the bullies. Tonight she gets to see @pink in [concert].

Pink spotted the sweet photo and retweeted it. Then she made the little girl’s dreams come true by inviting her backstage during the show.

Ripp later shared a photo of her daughter and Pink during their special moment, along with a letter thanking the star.

The letter read, in part:

You saw my tweet celebrating that the bullies had not won… But what you didn’t see last night, was my little girl, who like I said is not so little anymore, feel like she was truly somebody worthy.

Pink retweeted Ripp’s image and said the mom and daughter were “incredible.” She added that the mom’s letter made her “ugly cry.”

The songstress also added a message about children and bullying, WKOW reports.

She wrote:

If I got to choose one thing to eradicate in this world- it would be bullying. Bullies are cowards. Period. Or as my own kid would say “they just need a hug”. Parents: teach your kids to be kind first. Everything else follows

It was a powerful message from Pink, who has two children of her own with husband Carey Hart.

And her wise words seemed to strike a chord with fans. It’s received over 17,000 likes on Twitter so far.

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