Samuel Annis’s sister has two pet goldfish. But Annis couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t taking very good care of them.

Fox 31 Denver reported that he decided to help teach his sister about responsible pet ownership by heading to the kitchen and grabbing two baby carrots.

Annis replaced his sister’s goldfish with the decoys to see how long it would take for her to notice:


In the meantime, he moved her goldfish safely aside and out of harm’s way:


Annis waited … and waited … then shared the results with Twitter:

Another day went by before Annis gave another update:

Some commenters thought the switch was hilarious, but many were upset that the sister hadn’t been taking good care of her fish in the first place:

Commenters also wanted to be sure that the fish were indeed safe, prompting Annis to share a photo of their new home:

Annis replied that he was also making sure to feed the fish regularly:

And people were really happy to hear that:

There’s no word on whether Annis ever did tell his sister about the swap. But it’s a lucky thing for her fish that he made it when he did.

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