The wife of Jason Aldean said based on her experience, being a stepmom to the country singer’s two daughters from a previous marriage isn’t always easy.

When a fan asked Brittany Kerr Aldean for advice on raising stepchildren as a “bonus mom,” the mother of two biological children shared her wisdom.

As reported by People, in an Instagram story, the 31-year-old opened up her account for a Q&A session.

One fan asked:

Advice for a bonus?

Jason shares Kendyl, 11, and Keeley, 16, from a previous relationship. She responded:

Whewwww! Buckle that seat belt, girl! It’s tough but you have the opportunity to REALLY impact their lives.

The “American Idol” alum continued with her post adding a praise-hands emoji to her comment:

ROCK IT and be a strong foundation for them!

According to Brittany, as a blended family, Jason’s children don’t live with the couple full time. When a fan asked about their living arrangement Brittany responded:

Our two obvs do. But we get the girls every other week and a lot during summers.

The couple welcomed their son Memphis, 17 months, in December 2017, followed by their daughter, Navy, 3 months, after some fertility challenges.

According to Parents, since many second marriages include children from previous relationships, one of the most common challenges to a blended family is establishing a cohesive family unit.

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Judy Osborne, director of the Stepfamily Association in Brookline, said in the beginning, the transition can be hard for stepparents:

“Most stepparents genuinely grow to feel affection for the kids in their care, and the kids usually learn to accept and return the affection. And because you have to work hard in a stepfamily to build relationships, it often ends up that everyone learns a lot about trust, safety, and love.”

According to one statistic, about “75 percent of the 1.2 million Americans who divorce each year eventually remarry,” and probably many have children.

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