British TV personality Katie Price often makes headlines for her barely-there photoshoots and on-again-off-again love life:

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Wish I was on a beach .. throw back from Miami 2 months ago ?

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The former topless glamour model caused quite a bit of attention for her reality show “Katie & Peter,” which featured Price and ex-husband Peter Andre re-creating sex scenes fully nude.

And now, Price is in the headlines once more for some unorthodox parenting advice.

The 39-year-old mom appeared on the July 12 episode of U.K. talk show “Loose Women” and opened up about her children — specifically, her 15-year-old son Harvey.

Price wants her teenage son, whom she had with former soccer player Dwight Yorke, to experience all parts of teenage life — including sex. But she’s afraid that without a little interfering, Harvey may not get that opportunity.

The reason? Harvey deals with extreme autism, Us Weekly explained.

She told the talk show:

“Harvey is 15 now. Naturally at 15 you go through puberty and it’s natural to experiment with yourself,”

According to Us Weekly, Price and her current husband, Kieran Hayler, casually threw around the idea of ordering a prostitute for Harvey for his 18th birthday three years from now.

She worried that his ignorance of sex may set him back, and asked the panel for advice at this tricky juncture:

“He hasn’t got a clue about that side. What do you do, do I leave it?”

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Great day at Thorpe Park for Harvey's birthday today ❤️

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Fellow guest and author Kathy Lette, who also has a child on the austim spectrum, suggested Price wait before she makes such a controversial call:

“I think you wait and see if he’s angst ridden about it and if it’s an issue for him.”

Fans took to Twitter and can’t seem to agree if Price is making the right move:

Others called into question her mothering skills:

While some jumped to Price’s defense:

Lack of an intimate life isn’t the only thing Harvey has on his plate. He also has Prader-Willi syndrome, a condition characterized by “delayed development and an insatiable appetite,” Us Weekly added.

Earlier this week, Price addressed further clamor around her parenting skills, after receiving blowback for letting her husband grope her breasts in front of her children.

Addressing the incident to Now magazine, Price said she couldn’t be bothered with stranger’s opinions:

“I don’t give a s*** what anybody says about my mothering skills … If anyone wants to complain about how I raise my kids they need to get a life.”

Regardless, making a profit off public scandal seems to be working out for the former model. According to reports, Price’s net worth is valued around $59 million.

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