On the most recent episode of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG,” Marine veteran Dakota Meyer claimed his ex-wife, cast member Bristol Palin, is discussing the woes of their divorce in front of their kids.

According to Palin, she says her ex-husband allegedly drained her bank account while they were going through their divorce.

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Meyer said:

“These kids overhear so much of this on her said. I mean, they’ve came, I got a video here of Sailor came back and said, ‘Daddy, I’m mad at daddy cause daddy stole mommy’s money.’ And it’s like how does my 2-year-old know anything that’s going on between me and Bristol. Because I know I don’t talk about it in front of them.”

The dad of two explained the money situation by saying his accountant deposited the money into the wrong bank account when they first got divorced.

However, because Bristol reportedly didn’t know that it was already direct deposited into the wrong account due to an alleged “clerical error,” Meyer claimed his ex-wife tried to have him thrown in jail for 18-months over it.

Meyer went on to call it “bullsh*t”:

“I feel like all the time she’s trying to bait me in and it’s just not going to work.”

As the show aired, Palin took to Instagram to share her side of the story.

She wrote on her Instagram story:

Tried to send Dakota to jail? Dear Lord baby Jesus from above!! Give me the patience and strength to not go off on all this lying bs.

Palin then replied to a critical fan who told her that she needed to keep her “piehole” shut “about him on Teen Mom” because he’s an American hero:

American hero or not, you cannot drain you ex-wife’s bank account — no one is above the law — remember that.

On the show, Palin also alleged the money was stolen by Dakota and that it’s costing her thousands of dollars to fight it because she doesn’t want him thinking that he can mess with her.


She added:

“It’s hard cause his mentality is just he’s above the law and he can do whatever he wants. And some of his posts online are scary to me.”

She added that it’s been a long two years, but she is thankful to be out of the situation and hopes that Dakota will take this situation and “grow up.”

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