As Dearly previously reported, Bristol Palin’s first episode as a cast member of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” was an explosive one.

Episode one highlighted a highly emotional fight between Palin and her now ex-husband, Dakota Meyer.

Meyer, a military veteran, suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Both of which contributed to their failed marriage. Meyer said in the first episode:

“All I want from her is to love me and be there for my scars. And I still get up a pay the bills and I still get up and be a good father and I still try to be a good husband. It’s not like I got to hotel rooms and lock myself in for a week and drink or I beat my wife or I do all of these things because I say something whenever I’m upset because I’m amplified because I can’t any help from the person that I do the most for.”

However, as Palin said on the show, she doesn’t like seeing Meyer struggle, adding that she was at a loss.

The conversation viewers saw between Palin, Meyer, and two of the producers of the show continued into the second episode of Teen Mom OG, which aired on October 8.

During the show, Palin took to her personal Instagram account to defend herself against the people who called her out for “giving up on” Meyer:

Bristol Palin/Instagram

Palin retaliated by saying, “Let’s just get a few facts straight”:

Dakota is an incredible father, there is NO denying his love for our baby girls, I am extremely grateful for that.

You see .002 of our lives— especially since we JUST JOINED TMOG. Like Dakota has said multiple times on IG and in interviews… Our marriage was over WAY BEFORE TMOG.

She continued:

Dakota moved out of our home more times than I would ever like to admit. He got an attorney. He filed for divorce.

Wait, did you read that? He filed for a divorce. And he kept coming and going based on what he thought was best.

I did not ask for a divorce, but I did look at my children, and knew the marriage was NOT what was best for them.

Just because the picture you see pained is ME finally putting my foot down, to end the back and forth, does NOT mean I didn’t give my marriage and Dakota, everything I had in me.

The ex-wife went on to say just how much she respects Meyer for his service to America:

I respect Dakota’s service to our country, what he has done is absolutely incredible and I thankful that my girls have HIM as their father. Truly. I never “gave up” on Dakota, or on our family. I know in my heart I did everything I could.

My children come before ANYTHING, and I am so thankful for the challenges that have gone on, because I know they will grow up in a much happier environment because of our decision to separate.

Palin said that both she and Meyer had “so much not in their favor” when it came to their relationship. However, she knows Dakota can say the same when it comes to giving everything he had to try and make their marriage work as well.

She added:

I know in my heart every effort was taken to figure it out for the sake of our children.

I do want what’s best for Dakota and know that in my heart.

Palin said in the episode that she doesn’t want to think of herself as a quitter, but because of the PTSD Meyer is dealing with, she and her children were walking on eggshells when she and Meyer were married.

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