Professional wrestler and mother Brie Bella opens up about her breastfeeding struggles on an upcoming episode of “Total Divas.”

In a teaser for Wednesday’s episode, the 34-year-old twin sister of Nikki Bella, said she sometimes feels mom guilt over bottle feeding her now 17-month-old daughter.

Bella admits she’s conflicted over her decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed after she recently introduced a bottle of formula to supplement the toddler’s feeding schedule.

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Bella said in a clip for the show:

“My breast milk’s taken a huge dip

I used to have enough where I donate. And now, I’ve realized in the last month that I can’t even keep up with her during the day, so I’ve had to introduce one bottle of formula a day.

I’m trying to pump and do all this stuff, but it’s the stress. I hate pumping. To the point it makes me feel bad when I’m doing it because I’m so miserable.”

The reality star revealed that she’s struggling physically and emotionally now that feeding has become a burden, but the mom feels terribly guilty about it. She explained:

“The guilt always plays in.

Mom guilt’s the worst feeling in the world.”

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According to the clip, the mom attends a breastfeeding support group to help her cope with the challenges of feeding her daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson. Bella said:

“Breastfeeding is extremely hard, but I love the bond with Birdie. My body is feeding my child.

But at the same time, I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to lose my career. I want to balance both, and that’s what I thought pumping could balance, Birdie and my job, but it’s not working.

It’s weird how you just constantly feel like you’re failing.”

The WWE star gave birth to her first child with fellow pro wrestler Daniel Bryan in May 2017, reports E News.

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Watch a sneak peak from Wednesday’s episode below:

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