A concerned bride-to-be took to a wedding forum to ask for some honest opinions.

In a now deleted post, an anonymous woman shared her ordeal with the online community of Wedding Bee. As reported by the Daily Mail, she’s upset that her boyfriend of ten years broke with convention and had his mother pick out her engagement ring.

Rather than get down on one knee to propose with the yellow canary diamond of her dreams, the woman’s future mother-in-law made the final call on her diamond ring and she was less than impressed.


The author’s fiancé proposed with a ring that belonged to his grandmother, allegedly to please his mother.

However, when the woman sounds off and admits she “hates” grandma’s family heirloom, for the bride and her unborn children, fellow brides online called her a “brat” and “ungrateful” for complaining.

According to the Daily Mail, she wrote:

I always wanted a larger canary yellow diamond ring on yellow gold. A few months ago my boyfriend asked me to send him photos of the ring styles I liked and I told him exactly what I wanted.

Unfortunately, his mom stepped in. The bride-to-be said of her future mother-in-law:

Apparently she wanted me to have his grandmother’s ring.

She continued:

I’m upset because it’s not what I always wanted and I waited so long for a proposal.

Does anyone know how I can talk to him about it?

The woman’s post garnered lots of attention.

One commenter wrote, as per the Mirror:

You sound extremely ungrateful. Hate is such a strong word. That’s his grandmother’s ring that you say you hate. How disrespectful.

Meanwhile, others quickly defended the bride and slammed the groom-to-be and his mother.

What are your thoughts on this woman’s dilemma?

Is she being unreasonable? Tell us what you think.

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5 Replies to “Bride Is Called out for ‘Hating’ Her Engagement Ring That Was a Family Heirloom. She Wanted Something Bigger”

  • Mikki 2 years ago

    Give it back to him and tell him you are not marrying his mother. Sounds like you may be getting the mother-in-law from hell.

  • Lydia 2 years ago

    This bride sounds like a spoiled brat who is always used to getting what she wants. Can you imagine the hell it will be for her groom in about 5 years when he can’t afford to buy her a new car every year, or take her on a world cruise or buy her a new house whether they can afford it or not? She is probably one of those brats who buys designer shoes for $1,000 and thinks that is normal. Did she ever think that maybe her groom didn’t like the idea of a large canary diamond (probably the cost of a down payment on a house or car) and wanted to save money for a nice honeymoon or being able to afford a down payment on a house? Did she ever think that he loved his Grandmother so much that he wanted to share something that was hers with his bride? By the way, from the rings I have seen at weddings in the last year, his Grandmother’s ring is spot on for what is “high fashion” right now.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Her fiance asked what she wanted but her mil stuck her nose in it and made the decision that is wrong! The fiance needs to grow a pair and stabd up to his mother. This is systemmatic of many more problems to come with fiance and his smother!!

  • Jeff 2 years ago

    Since he asked her what she wanted, it was important enough for him to know the answer. Then he ignored it. While it is a sentimental gesture to honor his grandmother, he should try to honor his wife’s wishes, since she is the priority in his life now.

  • William conley 2 years ago

    A rings a ring molded chunks of metal with a shiney rock placed on it it’s literally rocks and metals that is only valuable because humans are like oooo shiney I wants it like we’re a buncha damned gollums. The ring has sentimental value and it looks nice maybe you should ask yourself do you even love each other before you take such a serious should be life long measure that is marriage. She sounds like a bitch who’s materialistic if my wife had acted that way which she never would she’s very modest and my angel I digress I would have called the engagement off then and there and told her if you really want to be with me I’ll give you a week to prove it if not we’re over. Marriage is about the bond between two people that love each other not about how nice a ring he can provide you if that’s what you want it’s 2019 get a job and buy your own silly ass ring.

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