Sarah Rodriguez couldn’t wait to marry her best friend with her dad by her side.

As NBC Chicago reports, her father died three years ago. The bride decided to turn some of his ashes into a bracelet and wear it down the aisle. But when she arrived in Mexico for her destination wedding, she opened her bag to find her jewelry boxes empty.

Someone had stolen the bracelet out of her bag. Sarah told NBC:

“I will never be able to replace that part of him. It just hit me. I just felt so violated.”

More than anything, she was upset when she thought about her dad’s ashes being worn by a stranger.

She said:

“Someone else is walking around with my dad’s ashes on their wrist and that’s a horrible feeling. A very unsettling feeling.”

Sarah called and made a claim to Frontier Airlines for the missing bracelet and a pair of earrings. The airline offered her a $200 travel voucher. But after receiving pressure from NBC, they paid $1,300 for the newlywed to create a new bracelet with the reminder of her father’s ashes.

Sadly, Sarah isn’t the only person to have her family’s ashes stolen in pieces of jewelry.

A few years ago, KDVR reports, a mom had a placed her son’s ashes inside of a bracelet after he died in a murder-suicide. While dropping her other children off at daycare, she left the bracelet in her purse in the car. Someone broke into the vehicle and stole her purse.

The BBC reports that another family placed a father’s ashes inside of a bracelet. The bracelet was inside of a van when it was stolen. The son, Chavez Robinson, explained that he was offering a reward to recover his missing jewelry:

“It’s not like it’s a normal bracelet, you can’t just replace it. It’s the ashes inside that’s of value.”

Sarah wrote on Facebook that her dad wouldn’t have wanted the stolen bracelet to ruin her big day. She still enjoyed her wedding surrounded by family and friends. But she’ll always regret leaving her bracelet in her checked bag.

Dearly reached out to Sarah for a comment, but she had yet to respond by the time of publication.

Watch the story via NBC Chicago below.

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