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Mothers are often shamed for breastfeeding in public, as Dearly previously reported. And now, one “yogi mom” is being scolded on Instagram for her unusual breastfeeding practices.

Some people think her breastfeeding techniques are “dangerous,” some say they are flat out “disgusting.” However, Carlee Beanear, the “earth mother” from Texas, said the “vitriol” won’t stop her from feeding her kids her own way.

As the Mirror reports, the full-time, stay-at-home mother of three kids, aged 4, 6, and 18, started practicing yoga after her second child was born.

She suffered from postpartum depression and yoga helped with her mental health.


So she started feeding while doing yoga.

Beanear told Metro:

“As far as breastfeeding yoga goes, anyone who has breastfed knows that it is a 24/7 dedication. I believe as parents it is our duty to make that time for our self because we can not pour from an empty cup.”

The mom also shared some of the ways nursing, while practicing complex poses, made breastfeeding easier for her.

A post shared by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:43am PST

She said:

“Breastfeeding yoga has helped me combat postpartum depression and has made my breastfeeding journey free of any bumps in the road, such as mastitis, worry of lacking in supply, getting over those first few weeks of tenderness, let down control and the stresses of being needed around the clock – to name a few.”

Beanear understands people’s initial reaction to her breastfeeding-yoga is shock, but she asks critics to look past their feelings and analyze “why they’re reacting that way.”


She told the Mirror that many of these negative reactions are a “cry for help” and “she’ll continue to try and spread her message of love and acceptance.”

Some mothers supported Beanear, saying perhaps it may not be a standard activity to breastfeed doing yoga, but if it works for her, great.

Commenters wrote:

These comments you do you girl! This video isn’t hurting no body! I’m impressed with holding that position while your precious babe keeps moving!

You have some exceptional balance and control, mama! I LOVE how you’ve paired these two loving acts: loving baby, loving yourself.

I’ve never heard or seen this type of yoga before. It’s interesting and as a woman I support you. If you and family are happy with the way you live your life, your not hurting anyone, do it.

But not everyone agreed with Beanear. Many of her Instagram commenters considered her self-care, nursing-yoga ritual bizarre.


Commenters wrote:

This picture is wrong. I greatly support breastfeeding, I have breastfeeded my children for a long period. I think that we have many roles in this life and we are not determent by only one and we can obtain them all if we give to everything that we do its own time. We do not breastfeed our whole life neither whole day and I believe that when we do we have to give 100% of our concentration and our focus on that like on other things when we do. Here you are not complitely focused on breastfeeding neither on yoga. I do not have anything against pictures with breastfeading, I only have against doing two things at the same time and because of that it does not seam ethical.

My only concern is what if you ever lose balance? I would be terrified of hurting my child.

This child is at an age that her mother should have stopped lactating so I’m assuming she is forcing her child to suck on her boob.

Along with her breastfeeding rituals, many people were especially quick to judge Beanear’s parenting methods when she shared photos of a practice she calls “free bleeds” on Instagram (that have since been removed).

Beanear told the Mirror that she lets periods take their natural course. And sometimes, she shares photos where blood is visible in her yoga poses.

People couldn’t believe she posted a pic of her kids hugging her as she does yoga during a “free bleed.”


Some questioned hygiene: “Is she bleeding on her children’s heads?”

The Mirror reports that Beanear denied the accusation.

She said:

“No, my children were not bled on, they simply took a second to give me a hug. Having a healthy monthly cycle is a blessing that not all women have. Celebrating life includes the moon cycle! Getting time to practice alone is hard to come by with 3 kids in the house who all have a yoga journey of their own, and I love including them because yoga teaches the best lessons of life. This is the blood they came from and after birthing them into my husband’s hands, we all have a great appreciation for it. I take time each cycle to be grateful that I can bleed and I incorporate it into my yoga practice to honor all of the women who have it and those that can not.”

The mom of three told the Mirror that she celebrates the human body— she believes periods and breastfeeding are a normal part life.

However, she understands why people might react in the way they do.

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