A breastfeeding mother was told to cover up at Texas Roadhouse in Louisville, Kentucky. She’s now suing the restaurant for extreme and severe emotional distress and assault.

WHAS reports, on Saturday Sadie Durbin was nursing her 7-month-old while dining when a manager at the steakhouse allegedly tried to force her to cover up then “threw the napkin down” over the baby’s head and “angrily walked away with a huff” after she refused.

Durbin took to Facebook to vent about her experience, and although by law the mother had every right to breastfeed in public, some chastised the Louisville mother for her actions.

She wrote in her post:

So it happened… after nursing my children all over the city of Louisville (and many others) for 4+ years, it happened to me.

Durbin continued:

David Mitchell, a manager at the Texas Roadhouse on Shelbyville Road, brought me a napkin and tried lying it over my 7 week old nursing infant’s face as he explained that he had another patron complain and that he really needed me to cover up.

I politely explained to him it is against the law for him to ask me to cover up and that I was well within my rights to feed my baby.

She recalled:

He didn’t apologize. He didn’t acknowledge he was wrong. He said ‘well as a manager I am obligated to tell you we are getting complaints and ask you to cover up,’ threw the napkin down in front of me, and angrily walked away with a huff.


I asked my server to know who the “other” complaining patrons were. He finally came back to our table, threw his hands up and said angrily “I’m not at liberty to tell you that. Listen lady, I’ve done nothing wrong.

In an interview with WHAS Durbin explained that she needs to stand up for her right to nurse in public in order to support other feeding moms. She said she’s often told to:

“Go to car or go to the bathroom. No, I’m not going to nurse my baby in the dirty bathroom. I’m not.”

Her post has received over 36,000 reactions and thousands left comments, though not everyone agreed with her post. Some wrote:

100% of all women who breast feed in public attempt to cover up. Well, except for those looking to file a law suit. Me and my friends will make sure this business is rewarded for trying to behave with respect and decency while you insisted on showing your breasts to children.

Give me a break, you are seriously thirsty for attention (proven by placing the pic of your boob hanging out on FB). You were also just looking to sue someone for profit by your own words. Have some courtesy for others and take it to the bathroom or the car, hell at least put a blanket over your boob. It’s Texas Road House not Babe’s Go Go Club. Smh Don’t give me that it’s natural either, so it taking a dump but you don’t see people peeing in the floor of the restaurant. Smh You were looking for attention & some money, hope you don’t win a penny on your lawsuit and the attention you get ain’t positive.

Others, however, told Dubin to stand her ground against the negative criticism and fight back. Commenters wrote:

Thirty years ago I breastfed my baby in public. I did cover with a blanket. Still was shamed. You go mama.

I can clearly see that the law is behind you and I applaud Kentucky for establishing the rules, but honestly, I am not sure if the society we are all living in, is ready for it. and I am amazed that you are strong to stand your ground.

Thank you for trailblazing for the rights of moms and babies.

Since the incident, the restaurant has reached out to Durbin and apologized. The company also issued a statement to WDRB. The restaurant has stated that it supports a mother’s right to nurse her child in public.

A spokesperson for the St. Matthews Texas Roadhouse told the station that the manager is “very upset about this.” Following the situation, he has taken some paid time off, but he won’t be fired over the complaint.

We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Durbin and all nursing mothers for how this situation was handled. We would like to…

Posted by Texas Roadhouse – Louisville – St. Matthews on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Durbin and her attorneys have filed a civil lawsuit against the company but they are not seeking money, only legal recourse on behalf of other mothers.

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Tiffani is a writer for Dearly. She is from New York City. Prior to working for Dearly she covered fashion news and managed social media for various digital media outlets.

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36 Replies to “Breastfeeding Mom Gets Slammed for Suing Texas Roadhouse After She Was Told to Cover Up”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    While I believe in feeding your baby, I for one do not want to see your boob while I try to enjoy my meal. The least you should do is find a spot in the restaurant where you are not on display for everyone else to see. Maybe you think you have super boobs, but again I don’t care ! Millions of other women have respect for themselves, so why don’t you attempt to respect yourself??????

    • Sandie 2 years ago

      Exactly! My daughter breastfeeds and she covers herself. It’s not that difficult.

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      If you don’t want to see mother’s nursing their babies while YOU are eating then perhaps you should COVER YOUR HEAD while you eat or YOU go sit on the toilet and eat and shut up and let the BABY enjoy IT’S meal. I mean it’s “the LEAST YOU could do…” Right?

      Either that or YOU can just STAY OUT of the restaurants so that you don’t have to deal with hungry babies exercising THEIR right to not starve.

      If YOU aren’t willing to consider these options for YOUR OWN SELF, then you don’t get to demand the same of an infant. PERIOD!

    • Deb 2 years ago

      I agree! Plus think of the teenagers there. I wouldn’t my teenage boys to see your boob!!

    • Tabitha 2 years ago

      I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about a mother breastfeeding her baby. About seeing a breast?? Why are you looking? That is the bigger question.
      A person is at another table eating their meal…. shouldn’t that be where their eyes are. NOT looking at what another is doing at a different table.
      The mother feeding her child SHOULD NOT OF BEEN AN ISSUE had the other patrons been keeping their attention at their own table.
      The sad ? part is everyone is in everyone else’s business.
      EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER. Simple rules we learn in school.

  • Terry 2 years ago

    I think our society is too hung up about sex and equates natural, non-sexual things with sexual intent. If seeing a woman’s breast with a baby attached to the nipple is considered indecent while men sexually harassing and/or assaulting women and girls is not, there is a serious problem with our society. If you don’t want to see something like this, then don’t look. There are much more serious things to be concerned about in this country than women trying to feed their babies when they are hungry. Our Puritan beginnings are still influencing how we operate as a society and this seriously needs to be changed..

    • Sandie 2 years ago

      It’s not sexual intent. It’s common courtesy. I am not against breastfeeding. I breast fed my kids for a short while, each of them. My daughter breastfeeds. The thing is not everyone believes like everyone else. Common courtesy. I know it is a me and mine society now. That is selfish.

      • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

        Yes common courtesy…

        If YOU aren’t willing to cover your head and face while YOU eat, then common courtesy demands you not expect that of babies.

    • ELIZA 2 years ago

      I don’t think that is true at all…I’d say they’re hung up on things they shouldn’t be and not hung up on things they should be…like those whore suits some “women” wear at the beach. No one says peep about that…and yet a woman trying to feed her baby is a huge issue. The priorities are pretty screwy. I don’t want to see someone’s behind in my face when I’m trying to enjoy the view of the ocean…and I’m pretry sure those people who wear those slutty suits are just trying to get attention..unlike the woman just trying to.feed her screaming, hungry kid.

    • Deb 2 years ago

      I against women/girls dressing unneeded sexy too!

  • Bonnie 2 years ago

    You don’t have to pull your entire breast out to nurse. The only people that do that are ones seeking attention. My kids , my husband, and I do not need to see your entire breast in public. I mean seriously, I breast fed both of mine and never once did I have to expose my entire breast to do it. There are way more respectful ways to do it. And it’s not up to you to decide its OK for my kids to see that.

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      Actually… Sometimes women do. NOT ALL babies will tolerate material rubbing their face or covering their head while they are trying to eat.

      It wasn’t an issue with my son, however, with my daughter, it simply was NOT HAPPENING.

      Soooo, if you, your hubby, or your kids don’t want your to see my (or any other mother’s) breast nurtiring a baby in public then YOUR family can cover YOUR heads.

  • KM Jun 2 years ago

    We aren’t asking you to cover the baby, we aren’t asking you to stop feeding. We are asking that you cover your breast and be discrete. I don’t find your breast sexually exciting – I would also be offended if I had to look at some dude sitting across from me, while I was eating, without his shirt on. No shirt, no service and ma’am you had no shirt…

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      Actually… Sometimes women do. NOT ALL babies will tolerate material rubbing their face or covering their head while they are trying to eat.

      It wasn’t an issue with my son, however, with my daughter, it simply was NOT HAPPENING.

      Soooo, if you, your hubby, or your kids don’t want your to see my (or any other mother’s) breast nurtiring a baby in public then YOUR family can cover YOUR heads.

      • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

        I don’t know why that reply posted again, here. It wasn’t directed toward your comment… Sorry about that, sadly I cannot delete it.

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      That said… Don’t like it, there’s a really easy way to correct the problem… TURN YOUR FACE AWAY FROM THE MOTHER. I’m quite certain she doesn’t want a bunch of people being creepy watching baby eat.

      And YES, she DID have her shirt on. Know how I know??? Because her other breast was NOT hanging out.

  • Aren 2 years ago

    God forbid you not look and mind your own business. I can’t even imagine what that is like. Nipple placement is not the same for everyone I have massive boobs that would require me to expose a large portion of it. Stop being whiny perverts who feel a need to shame a mom doing a great thing for her baby. Find a positive hobby.

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago


    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      No Terry, it is the fact as a society we have changed what our values are. You and others say if you don’t like it, stay home basically. Well the same applies to you and others, kids have been fine being covered while being fed. Why do you feel it is your right to disturb others that don’t want to see this? Most of the time, it really has nothing to do with the baby, it is the mother wanting attention.

  • Nan 2 years ago

    Sorry but other people don’t want to see your boob. Cover yourself up or find a private place. When the law says it is OK to breastfeed in public it was probably assumed it would be done tastefully. I don’t know why women feel they need to flaunt breastfeeding the way they are today. We also like people to change baby’s diaper in the bathroom or in their car, not at the table. While nursing and pooping are natural, they don’t need to be done publicly.

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      Other people don’t want to see your sour face in public either, perhaps you should wear a bag over it.

      Just the fact that you think breastfeeding is in ANY WAY comparable to a shitty diaper… Shows your blantantly ignorant, prepubescent, level of maturity.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Connie you are being a right fighter and bully if a boob needs to come all the way out like in the pic she needs to be more discreet. I have a special needs son and there is no way I could stop him from staring, nobody asked her no.t to feed her baby, Just be a little more respectful while in public she was and is looking for attention to post her tit on facebook

      • Deb 2 years ago

        And you are showing your ignorance and your level of maturity by saying this,

  • Karen 2 years ago

    It’s not sexual to see a mammal feeding its offspring. Why the big deal? That woman’s breasts are no more sexual than a cow’s utter. If she wants to show herself in that manner, I guess it is her legal right.

  • MARY 2 years ago

    I breast-fed 3 children and threw a receiving blanket over lightly and never had any trouble…except a few stares that I ignored…it is a beautiful thing but, it is not appropriate to see breasts hanging out in public for most people…use common sense and be discreet..then if anyone says anything…ignore!!!! I can’t comment on this one because I can’t see the photo accurately!

    • Connie Daugherty 2 years ago

      Unless of course those breasts that are hanging out are doing LITERALLY ANYTHING other than feeding a baby .. right???

      Grow up.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My personal

  • Lona Garrison 2 years ago

    She should have told the waiter to please tell those complaining that she’d be happy to feed her baby in the restroom right after the complaining parties took their meals to the bathroom to eat – put up or shut up!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Obviously the baby isn’t eating off the restuants menu either. Your not supposed to bring in food from the out side. Dumbass answer to your dumbass statement.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Whip out the other girl I am a little thirsty

  • Cindy wood 2 years ago

    She is a idiot who want to see that while eating or any place she could at least cover up !!!!!!!!

  • Di 2 years ago

    Plain and simple – be discreet. If you simply refuse, then it’s clearly an attempt to gain attention and/or perhaps a little cash payment as well.

  • Tricia 2 years ago

    Attention Whore! And for Connie who says babies don’t like stuff touching their face well then I guess they aren’t hungry! Ugh this makes me sick. I’m so tired of all these so called “women” acting as if we “women” are treated so poorly. We get so much special treatment that it disgusts me!

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