Nichole Terrell of Little Rock, Arkansas said she had often ignored her severe headaches until one day “things took a turn for the worse.”

Terrell told KARK that her intense pain felt like a volcano had erupted inside of her head. She said:

“The eruption I felt, the volcano and those spasms. That’s when I knew there was something not right.” 

The woman went to Baptist Health neurologists one day after her debilitating headache.

Doctors told her she’s lucky she didn’t ignore her symptoms because the left side of her brain was bleeding. 

Neurologist Dr. Sushrut Dharmadhikari told the news station: 

“We found that she actually had two aneurysms, not one.”

 He added:

“Sometimes if the aneurysms continue to leak in the brain, the pressure in the brain builds up to an extent where it basically chokes off the circulation and then you’re basically brain-dead.” 

Dr. Dharmadhikari was able to help restore a healthy blood flow back to Terrell’s brain, yet if she had waited any longer, the results could have been fatal.

According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, many people find out they have an aneurysm by chance, due to the fact the disease is typically asymptomatic.

However, large unruptured aneurysms can cause “various neurological symptoms,” which include sudden severe headaches, that may feel like “the worst headache of your life,” according to the foundation. 

Dr. Dharmadhikari said many people with Terrell’s condition “don’t make it to the hospital.” 

Terrell said the experience taught her to listen to her body and seek medical care when her body feels out of balance.

She said it was “the grace of God” that led her to the hospital that day. Now she’s monitoring her health. 

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