Andrew Lucas found his pregnant girlfriend, Kasey Dischman, unconscious on the bathroom floor. When paramedics arrived to help her, Lucas left out some lifesaving information, simply telling them that she had suffered a seizure.

Dischman suffered cardiac arrest and was revived in the emergency room, according to CBSPittsburgh. The 30-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, had an emergency C-section to try to save her unborn child’s life.


And Lucas’s claim that Dischman had a seizure disorder slowly began to blow up in his face after police found a hidden needle in the bathroom.

The pregnant woman had opioids and alcohol in her system.

It was an alleged heroin overdose that put her in the hospital, forcing her baby girl’s premature delivery, not a seizure.

And failing to disclose that Dischman was overdosing may have cost the baby its life. Lt. Hermick explained how big of an impact the boyfriend’s lie made:

“If they had known right away, they could have administered Narcan and maybe prevented the remnants of this.”

The baby is brain dead; a decision has not yet been reached on whether to remove her from life support.


Pennsylvania State Police Department’s Lt. Eric Hermick said:

“The baby is not doing good at all. She was resuscitated once and she’s on a life support system now.”

According to WPXI, Dischman spent almost her entire pregnancy in jail for retail theft. She was released just days prior to her overdose.


Dischman is expected to be fine. She has been charged with felony aggravated assault of an unborn child. She will return to jail upon her release from the hospital.

Lt. Hermick said those charges may change:

“Should the baby not survive, and we’ve talked to the [District Attorney], he’s leaning towards filing the criminal homicide charge.”

Lucas, the newborn’s father, could also face a charge for interfering with the investigation.

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