A little boy’s life was saved after a poisonous snake bite.

Unfortunately, the 6-year-old’s recovery is costing his family more than $200,000.

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According to Fox 13, the 6-year-old was bit by a venomous, pygmy rattlesnake in the backyard of his house.

Kyden recounted the incident:

“I was by the tire swing and then I just started screaming. I thought it was an ant, but I looked down and didn’t see anything.”

His mother, Amber Debyah, added:

“I looked under the tire swing where he was playing and there was a snake coiled up. I’ve lived here my whole life. I knew it was a pygmy rattlesnake.”

After the snake bite, Kyden’s foot doubled in size; he needed 18 vials of antivenin before his swelling subsided and his symptoms started to go away.

Each vial costs around $11,000.

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The family has health insurance, but it doesn’t cover snake bites, so they are stuck with $200,000 in medical expenses.

Amber said:

“Financially, it’s very tough. I’m a stay at home mom. We have four kids. My husband’s a contractor. He gets paid by the day, by the job.”

The family is now raising money to cover the cost of Kyden’s medical treatment. On Monday, his mom told online supporters that his swelling has gone down and he’s now happy and active.

According to the University of Florida’s wildlife department, the chance of being bitten by a venomous snake is low.

It’s even more rare to die from a snake bite:

You are more likely to die from a dog bite!

The best way to prevent encounters like Kyden’s is to snake proof your home and yard.

As for Kyden, he may be hoping his snake bite brings him superpowers. He said:

“Spiderman got bit by a spider and that’s how he got his powers.”

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