Florida mom Naomie Hall was skipping out on feeding her 5-year-old son meals regularly, but it wasn’t one missed meal here and there.

According to WTOL, the 24-year-old mother went to the extreme, starving him so badly that he didn’t even weigh enough to show up on a child growth chart.


A caseworker discovered the boy when she was already in the process of investigating Hall. When the boy was found, he was dehydrated and weighed only 24.9 pounds.

The mother admitted to going three to four days without feeding her young son, who has special needs. Apparently, medication was also withheld by the mother — the boy could not stand or walk when he was found.

The child was so badly neglected, he could not even speak — he had never learned how. He was left with no way to communicate.

Doctors who examined the boy at the Child Protection Team office found blisters covering the child’s hands and feet under the filth that covered his body. The police report stated that he had not had a bath in:

“Quite a while.”

WKRG reports that the starving child was eating old cereal lying on the living room floor. His mother claimed she could only tell if he was hungry when she saw him chewing on his hands.


Hall was arrested and charged with child neglect causing great harm.

Hall has two other children living in the home she shares with her husband, Brian Hall. Brian initially declined to comment on her arrest, but would soon face his own.


As WFTV reports, Daytona Beach police arrested Brian for standing by while the child was being abused by his mom and doing nothing to help him.

In fact, the husband showed little emotion about the starved child, telling investigators:

“He is not my responsibility. I’m not his father, I come from a rich and white family.”

The 29-year-old man is the father of the two other children living in the home with the couple. He let police know they were treated much differently:

“Those two are taken care of.”

He was charged with failure to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Brian received a $5,000 bond for his part in the crime against the boy.

The judge lowered the mother’s bond from $50,000 to $35,000 after her attorney argued that she needs to be home to care for her two other children and that she has no criminal history.

The abused 5-year-old child is being treated in the intensive care unit and is receiving physical and speech therapy.

The two other children have also been removed from the home.

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