A couple’s potty training methods are causing a stir online.

According to KFOR, an Oklahoma mom originally posted the video, entitled “Potty Training 101,” in a private Facebook group, but a woman made it public because she felt it needed to be shared.

The clip was originally recorded on popular video-sharing app Snapchat and seemed to show a father pouring hot sauce onto a young boy who was screaming and crying as the man picked him up.

Shana Honeycutt-Akram/Facebook

The dad appeared to pour hot sauce down the toddler’s pants before he poured more out and wiped it on the little boy’s face, causing him to scream.

Shana Honeycutt saw the private video and recorded it. She told News 9 that she wanted others to see it because she thought it was abuse:

“It didn’t need to be left in a private Facebook group where no one did or said anything about it. It’s abuse. You don’t potty train by pouring hot sauce down a baby’s pants and wiping it all over the face.”

The video has since garnered thousands of views and left some Facebook users concerned.

Many commented on the Facebook post that the boy may be at risk and called out the parents for their decisions.

However, the mom claimed the parents never hurt their son. She said that the whole incident was simply a “joke,” according to News 9.

The mom, who asked to remain anonymous after getting death threats, said that you can tell he’s not being harmed when the video’s slowed down to normal speed.

She told News 9:

“You can see that nothing went down his pants, and nothing was in his mouth… The video was played out to something it wasn’t. My son, I would never put him in harm’s way.”

She said her son was “laughing” shortly after the video was recorded.

KFOR reports that both local authorities and DHS are currently investigating. The mother said she has already received visits from DHS to her home.

So far, according to News 9, police said the boy appears to be in a “safe environment.”

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