A dad became emotional when he realized his toddler son literally filled his shoes, something many dad’s hope their children will do one day.

Steve Hart shared on Twitter the adorable thing his 3-year-old son did after being instructed to put his shoes away.

The father of three tweeted:

Asked 3 y/o son to put his shoes away before bed. Found out later that this is where he put them. Little man’s unintentionally about to make me cry tonight.

After noticing how much attention the heartwarming post had gained, Hart shared a photo of himself and his kids. Furthermore, he thanked everyone for their kind words.

Hart added:

Here’s a pic of me and little guy (with his shoes on ). His name is August and the other two are Addy and Kellan. I’m blessed to be a dad to these three kids… Thank you all for the video love!!

The dad then followed that post with a photo of his wife Stacy Hart and their oldest kid.

He tweeted:

Photo credit for the pic of me and the kids goes to my amazing wife at

August’s gesture didn’t only make his dad emotional, but many Twitter users were touched, as well.

One woman tweeted:

I just cried! Wow! He knows that his shoes are in the best possible spot inside of His daddy’s Shoes. Just like he knows that he is safe and secure with his daddy. How awesome is this! I have never seen something so beautiful and awesome! It says a lot about his subconscious mind.

Additionally, another user commented:

That says a lot about the kind of father you are and the love that boy has for you

Hart also thanked another man who had commented:

Wow! Talk about walking in your father’s shoes! That’s awesome!

Hart’s post has since gained over 93,000  likes and 17,000 retweets. Furthermore, the video has been viewed more than 886,000 times.

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