A fifth grader ended up in a hospital after he refused to fight back against his bullies.

According to ABC 13, ten-year-old Aiden Vazquez said while he was at school on August 27, he was punched in the face, called names, and had his backpack stolen from him by another student.

Vazquez did not fight back. He was sent to the hospital to receive seven stitches to seal the cut on his eyebrow.

Vazquez’s mom, Lizette Casanova, asked her son why he didn’t attempt to defend himself. The 10-year-old told her it was a lesson from “Star Wars.”

He told KMIR:

“I saw blood dripping and I started screaming in pain. … I told my mom, I got from Star Wars that is not the Jedi way.”

Casanova shared photos of her son’s injuries on Facebook.

She wrote:

I HATE TWO BUNCH PALMS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN DESERT HOT SPRINGS! This is the THIRD YEAR MY SON IS BULLIED!! Yes he is different he’s smarter and sweeter then most boys his age BUT REALLY!?! Now we’re making hospital visits and I’m PRESSING CHARGES!! Last year he had to get stitches on his face from getting “pushed,” losing his breath on the playground for getting thrown down! I’M DONE. POLICE INVOLVED. NOW CALLING OUT PSUSD WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUY BULLYING!!!!!

Casanova also shared one of her posts from 2016, a photo of Vazquez after he was allegedly injured by another bully.

The mom wrote in another post:

Aiden wants me to let everyone know he’s doing fine all stitched up and numb…he said he felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back…ITS NOT THE JEDI WAY!! 

Along with an updated photo of her son, Casanova shared that she was not happy to learn that her son’s bully only received a three day suspension for his actions— the bully will be back in school before her son gets the ‘okay’ to go back to class.

After Vazquez’s story went viral, Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies, reached out to the boy.

Hamill wrote on Twitter:

SHOUT OUT to Aiden Vazquez for his courage & wisdom in the face of adversity. I’m so proud of you for showing that you can be a Jedi in real life. Congratulations, Aiden- The Force will be with YOU… Always!!! Your fan, mh.

Despite the pain Vazquez was forced to endure, he was still able to muster up enough courage to speak in front of the school board on behalf of all victims of bullying.

You can watch a video of Vazquez’s speech below:

The school district told ABC 13 that “it cannot comment on the incident because of confidentiality laws.”

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