Heartbroken parents Janessa and Josh Whatcott remain resilient as their 6-year-old son, Nixon Whatcott, fights for his life.

Just two months ago, his parents were doing everything to alleviate what they assumed was Nixon’s growing pains. Nixon had been complaining to his mom about pains he was experiencing in his leg for a few weeks when she decided to take him to the doctor.

But as the pain got worse, Nixon went in for a quick X-ray, which showed tumors on Nixon’s leg.


Nixon’s mom wrote on Facebook:

On Thursday (Feb. 15),  I took Nixon in to have his leg looked at after he had been complaining of leg pain for a couple weeks and we had been doing everything we knew to help his growing pains.

I was hoping the doctor would give me some suggestions of what else I could be doing for him besides the typical growing pains remedies.

Nixon went for a quick X-ray at the office and I was anxious to get done so we could start heading down to St. George for a baseball tournament. When the dr came back he asked to speak to me privately.

According to the Facebook post, within a couple of hours Nixon’s parents took him to Primary Children Hospital in Salt Lake City, and checked into the oncology department where he got another X-ray and blood drawn.

The following morning, Nixon was taken in for a CT scan followed by a MRI and bone scan — later he went into surgery so they could take a sample of the tumor in his bone to see if it was cancerous or not.


A couple of hours later, his mom said their “world shattered” when she learned that the tumors in Nixon’s leg were cancerous. The cancer was “very aggressive” and had spread to Nixon’s lungs.

In her post, the mom said:

Our sweet Nixon is literally in the fight FOR his life.

On February 21, Nixon was taken to the hospital to begin his first round of chemotherapy, which will go for about 10 weeks.

Early in the treatment, Feb. 23, the Whatcotts wrote on Facebook that Dixon was in pain and was having a really rough time with his treatment. His mother said:

Rough morning today.

He was very frustrated and upset and said he hated today. I agreed with him. I hate today too. We talked about how it’s ok to hate some days and not every day will be horrible. On top of his emotions his leg started to hurt really bad. It took about an hour to get on top of the pain. We just held each other and cried.

The boy’s dad later described how the grueling journey has taken a toil on the family. He wrote:

The emotions over the last several days have been like a roller coaster, ups and downs, highs and lows, and everything in between.

Saturday I was angry and frustrated, not with God or anyone but with CANCER!

I wanted to scream a few explicitives [sic] and give the middle finger to it, but I figured that wouldn’t do much good.

I was in a state of mind like someone just punched your innocent little kid in the face right in front of you and you couldn’t do anything about it. In a way I felt hopeless that I couldn’t do more for Nixon…….


The family said they have been messaged so many times by people asking for an address to send Nixon cards and care packages. The family is full of gratitude for those outpouring love and support for Nixon.

The Whatcott family also created a Nixon Strong Facebook and YouCaring page to raise money for Nixon’s medical treatment and update concerned followers about his cancer.

In the latest March 8 update, Nixon’s dad said his son has returned home. He’s resting, restoring his appetite, and opening his cards. The family thanks everyone for keeping Nixon’s spirit up.

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