A mother is thankful her son is still alive after being left on alone on a daycare bus for nearly an hour on Thursday, November 29.

As WITN reports, Brandy Pierce said that her three-year-old twins were both buckled up on the bus at the Newport Child Development Center, but only her daughter was taken into the school.

Pierce said she asked school officials for an explanation:

“When I asked them this morning when I went up there, ‘Well what was his conditions  when you got him off the bus? Was he cold?’ They said the heat was still in the bus. An hour later? There’s no way.”

According to Pierce, her son’s life was in danger due to her being left in the cold during freezing temperatures:

“Children freeze to death in vehicles. Had it been summertime, I would have been planning my son’s funeral today.”

The little boy was eventually taken off the bus only after being spotted by someone who saw him as they passed by.

Austin Pacheco/ Unsplash

Pierce has since contacted the state daycare licensing board to report what happened with her son.

She said she just doesn’t understand how school officials managed to get one of her children off, without also remembering the other.

However, WITN reports this is not the first time something like this has happened. A four-year-old at Windsor Elementary in Bertie County was also left alone for an extended time in a school bus.

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