The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a video of a bullying incident on an Oklahoma school bus after the clip went viral on Facebook.

Maj. Rod Howell of the department said the footage of a terrified boy pleading with his bus driver to stay on the bus is disturbing. The cellphone video taken by another student shows a sixth-grader being bullied by a ninth-grade boy, reports KTUL.

The boy appears to be crying and begging his bus driver to stay on the bus to avoid an attack. He’s heard making a desperate plea to his driver before he’s yelled at to get off the bus. In the clip, the boy being bullied says:

“You’re gonna kill and try to punch me.”

The child can also be heard asking the driver to let him out at his house instead of the bus stop.

But an adult instructs the student to get off at the stop. The driver is heard saying:

“Hey, get outta here. Go!”

As the victim is sent off the bus, he’s punched and attacked by the older student outside.


Howell told News On 6:

“The video is alarming itself and obviously it’s enough to start an investigation.”

He explained to KTUL:

“Being a parent obviously first and being in law enforcement as well. We have kiddos who ride the bus every day in some form or fashion, and it kinda hits close to home.”

Watch the video below:

The incident occurred in Locust Grove at a stop located at Four Corners Church of God in the Locust Grove Public School District.

As police look into another cellphone video and two cameras on the school bus for more evidence, the district released a statement.

Posted by Locust Grove Public Schools on Thursday, January 24, 2019

In response to the video, one parent wrote in a Facebook post:

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that I’m talking about when I say that schools are not doing anything to stop bullying in schools. The bus driver should be fired. Period. A message needs to be sent to ALL staff loud and clear that this will NOT be tolerated. Your job is to PROTECT the students, not put them in harms way.

The school district said the student’s and bus driver’s actions have been addressed internally and declined to say whether the bus driver is still employed, reports WHNT.

According to KTUL, the people in the town are outraged by the bullying incident.

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83 Replies to “Video Shows Boy Tearfully Pleading to Stay on School Bus Before He’s Kicked Off and Attacked by a Bully”

  • Lori 2 years ago

    To the boy who getting bullied I care sorry people are so cruel i wish this world was different some day your time will come and all this will be behind you and life does get better I will pray for you that your life gets easier, and you don’t have to be bullied so bad and your town does something

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      That fuckn bus driver needs a ass kickn wtf

    • Maggie 2 years ago

      And people wonder why homeschooling has become popular! This right here. If a child is crying and begging to be protected and no one does you have to wonder what kind of message we are sending to bullies and victims!

    • Greg 2 years ago

      That is so nice of you to say and prayers. I hope they help him.

    • JEAN f CRAIG 2 years ago


  • Jennifer 2 years ago

    That is irresponsible and I am at a loss for words about the bus drivers actions. Are we going to find what happened ok I honestly hope we haven’t fallen that far from protecting our children.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Poor sweet boy who didn’t want to get punched Kids are cruel and it sucks that the adult did not do his job to protect you. Never be ashamed this is normal to be scared and not hurt. Us adults failed you

  • Sandra Almas 2 years ago

    Any adults on the Bus should be held accountable for this MESS!!
    Six words for this young mans Parents…Martial Arts training for your Son!!!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Sandra, I agree with you but then they will blame the kid who is trying to protect himself. They (the schools) put out all this crap about zero tolerance for bullying but they do NOTHING about it except blame the victims who try to protect themselves. God help any kid, teacher, school official, whoever, that I ever catch bullying my grand kids or not doing anything about it once it happens. I will be at the school, on the bus, in the classroom, where ever I need to be. They will wish they never heard of those kids or me and wish they never darkened the school doors cause I got nothing better to do but be down there all freaken day, every single day if that if what it takes to make things go right for those kids and any other kids that I see having a problem.

      • Carol 2 years ago

        Why couldn’t the driver drop him off at his house like he asked? Why couldn’t the driver have called the cops and waited for them? No one asked the driver to touch a child just to protect.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      This is when a 12th grader needs to give the 9th grader a dose of his own medicine.

  • Elizabeth johnson 2 years ago

    Then they want to wonder why kids shoot other kids…. This crap right here….

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Suspend the bully and fire the bus driver. We need to send a message to kids that we will not tolerate bullying and to adults who do nothing to stop it that they will be held responsible.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Breaks my heart to see what the poor boy was going through. The adults that should be fired.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The bus driver should be charged with wantendangerment the driver put the child off the bus knowing what was going to happen but put him off the bus anyway the ad should be charged also

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You guys all blame the bus driver but what you all need to understand is that bus drivers and teachers alike are NOT allowed to touch or do anything to these children no matter what (It’s the LAW!) is going on or then you all get angry and accuse us of abusing them or discriminating against them so grow up people DISCIPLINE you children at home and this crap won’t happen!!! It is NOT a public service person AKA Bus Driver or a Teachers job to teach your child how to behave like a human being they have enough on there plates already your child needs to be taught by YOU! that they are expected to behave at home and in Public or there will be consequences waiting at home if they don’t. We live in an entirely spoiled and self indulgent generation that has no respect so get your butts off your phones and learn how to be decent human beings and teach you children how to be one too!

    -From a frustrated Preschool Teacher

    • Carolyn Fay Graston 2 years ago

      I don’t believe the aide or driver needed to touch either boy however there were other options available to them in order to protect the younger boy. That they refused to even let him off at his house where he could be safe shows complete disregard and should not judged accordingly.
      Fired would be a good start for both.

    • Anonymous too 2 years ago

      No one needed to “touch” the kid. They needed to drop him at home, bring him back to school, drop him at PD or at least call school or bus company for instructions. Not one person would have told the driver to kick him off the bus! Only idiot here is you!

    • Angela Blankenship 2 years ago

      Your right. Teaching your kids how to be stand up citizens start at home. However the bus driver had a choice. A choice to drop the kid off at home or threaten him and put him in harm’s way. Hes a joke and I hope he gets fired. How about the damn bus driver being a decent human being and trying to help that boy. Instead throwing his hand in the air. Welp not my problem. You are what’s wrong with this world. Easy to point blame since it’s so easy to turn a blind eye to violence. Heaven forbid something happens in your classroom. Knowing that you agree to turning a blind eye. Shame on you

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Exactly!!! Bullying in schools is nationwide. I worked for a school district and not enough was done to prevent this. That bus driver needs to be fired.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      A decent human being would have let him off at his house like he was asking the driver to do. At the very least taken him back to the school to call a parent.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      What if it was your kid?

    • Frustrated parent 2 years ago

      It is the bus drivers fault because he could have kept that young boy on the bus and kept him safe instead of making him get off knowing what was going to happen. Your a damn pre School teacher move up to teach the older kids and maybe you will understand. Either way bullying is not right point blank but the school systems fail us cause they turn there head. I know multiple kids that have went to their principal about bullying and he turns them away cause he’s got more important stuff going on. Bullying is important and it needs to stop. Plus it’s not always the parents fault they can’t be with their kids 24/7. They need to bring back good ole fashion ass whooping and I bet these kids would start acting right

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Are you kidding me! That bus driver should have kept that boy on the bus and protected him! If you work with children it’s your responsibility to protect them from harm. If you don’t want to get involved then find another line of work.

    • Theresa 2 years ago

      i can’t believe your even defending this.. this have nothing to do with what your even saying..we already know teachers and school staff have it hard with some kids, we already know kids should be taught at home on how to treat people… have you even seen the video because not once did i see you comment about how this boy was begging to stay on bus, this boy was begging to get dropped of at his house..i know many teachers and idk where you teach but i know ANY teach who has a ? would totally feel for this kid.. their is no dought in my mind that if a kid told a teacher”can i stay a little longer because of this or that.” a teacher with feelings would say”yes”.. and a bus driver who SEE’S AND HEARS something like that video would totally let him stay on… but that’s someone with a heart and feelings…i did not once hear your feelings on this boy ???

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        My thoughts exactly! To the preschool teacher who defended the bus driver….I hope you never have to choose between defending a child from bullying or turning away. But if you do, I hope you make the right choice regardless of what it could cost YOU!!! That poor child paid the ultimate price because of the choice that bus driver made. So said!!! 🙁

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The bus driver is to blame he clearly knew the situation forced the boy off the bus and in harms way! The boy is in distress! Why not let the boy stay on the bus maybe call his parent to pick him up at another stop n if all else fails bring him bk to the school! If the bus driver made a better choice this young man wouldn’t have been harmed that day!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      No one is saying the driver should have put his/her hands on any student. The driver should have called the police. Common sense in needed.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The damage is already done obviously. After seeing this, I myself said I would be on that bus kicking the drivers butt. Then reality set in. I The police should have been called. If it were your child, I believe you may re-think it.

    • kathy 2 years ago

      You sound ridiculous, you are a teacher? The bus driver did not have to touch anyone to protect the bullied child, the child was pleading not to have to get off because he knew what was going to happen to him. It is the bus drivers duty to protect him, not put him in harms way. What type of person with a heart would allow this to happen, how can you tell a child crying and in fear to get off! As the driver, he should reprimand the bullier, protect the bullied, report it to the school immediately.

    • Thomas Ianello 2 years ago

      You call yourself a teacher??? What kind of asshole teaches a child of any age, God forbid you teach any “preschoolers” anything about how you think! You’re a piece of shit and definitely part of what is wrong with this world! That bus driver is damn lucky that that boy wasn’t my son, I’d drive to school and show him what it means to be hurt by a bully, then throw his ass off his own bus and laugh!! Man, people like you piss me off, you just SUCK!!!!!!

    • William conley 2 years ago

      So if you were there and you seen a child terrified and another child waiting to kick his ass you’re going to be like get off the bus kid the law says it’s not my problem? Personally I don’t give a shit about what the law states or what happened to me if I seen a child being bullied I’d approach the kids tell the to stop. If a single one of them sqaured up to me or showed aggression I’d lay them out let the cops or parents come and try and do shit to me. I’d tell all then kods before I left how’s it feel to be picked on by someone larger than you, and if you tell the cops I’ll beat your dad’s ass and yours again if I ever see you bullying another person. That’s why they do this shit nobody is prepared to do what needs done beat these kids asses and they’ll either learn or they are terrible people and they’ll never change and are dreges of society that deserve no mercy.

    • kimberly rogers 2 years ago

      The bus driver has a responsibility to make sure all students arrive safely home, He should have called the Police.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      It may not be the bus drivers duty as a bus driver but it is his duty to protect a child as a human?

  • Jewel Aldridge 2 years ago

    I personally would beat the hell out of the older boy,and kill that driver,no one is going to treat my children like that, and I mean no one,

  • Mary 2 years ago

    I too think the bus driver should be fired. He doesn’t sound like he cares about the safety of the children on his bus. Maybe he could.have listened to the child and gotten off the bus with him, showing the bully there is an adult that cares. I also think the bully should be expelled. He may not have hit the boy on school property, but a bus stop is close enough!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    omg how sad the bus driver needs his ass whipped..

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Bus driver needs to be fired. He did not protect tjat child hearing the bully and still sent child off the bus knowing other kid was waiting for him.

  • Maria 2 years ago

    It broke my heart that you had to go thru this . That bus diver should be ashamed and fired, he has no compassion or understanding . Why he or she was given that responsibility is beyond me and we will never know …… by someone else In authority who doesn’t have a clue either should also be fired also. These are our children they are our future leaders of America . They are our number one priority…..listen everyone to your children , it may not be your child but someone else’s . Just listen this could have been avoided …no I haven’t the answer but I for one would have donated time to ride along and make sure all children are safe . As parents we all should . If the school allows because evidently the bus driver doesn’t care . And no it’s not all bus drivers….

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This Is Total sad, a child crying and begging for help to an Adult, A bus driver. And the bully bad ass is telling he gonna kick his ass when he gets off the bus. But is put off the bus by a grown man. Instead of calling the school or parent . He kick the boy off n gets beat up. Sorry, not sorry. Fired the bus driver, n give the bully some days in jail with a fine. And give the parents some advice . N hush to the teacher with her wacky comment.

  • There's Preece 2 years ago

    this is awful..i understand that teachers bus drivers school staff don’t get paid enough but for him to plead to stay on the bus OMG that’s the least the bus driver could have done…we teach our children to confide in a school staff member if things are happening to them, we teach our children that the school will help them if our kids are in their hands..and then this happens… THAT WAS NOT FAIR!!! what happened to the boy was so not right.. that bus driver and the other adult talking should be fired…no excuses!!! im sorry some situations theirs no way the teacher bus driver even the school can not help a student BUT this in this situation this bus driver could have and should have WANTED to help this child..he could have let him stay on the bus, he should have wanted him to stay on the bus and he could have reported the other boys…such a sad and preventful outcome ??

  • Compassionate human being 2 years ago

    My heart breaks for this young man. I sincerely hope the parent(s) of the older boy has taken this situation seriously and will be taking some action to prevent him from continuing this outrageous and reckless behavior. Unfortunately, not all children are learning morals at home as they should. Any decent human being would have chosen an alternate course of action than this bus driver. Being a bus driver should require the highest standard of care for the safety of the children assigned to your bus. I believe if a student was behaving violently toward the driver, the driver would most likely call the police. This situation surely called for an alternate resolution and I hope the driver and the “bully” are held accountable for their actions. I pray the trauma from this ordeal does not continue haunt this young man. Be brave young soldier. One day, perhaps you will look back on this and use it to help another child in your shoes.

  • Jackie 2 years ago

    Watching this before bed with tears and I wish I, or anyone could have been there to protect this young boy. The fear in his voice is just heartbreaking. I am curious that any adult could have allowed this to happen. Whoever you are, you don’t belong in any profession dealing with children, and probably would keep you away from the elderly as well. As for the bully who went after him, I hope you learn to be a better person. I don’t like what you are. Sad.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I had to pull my daughter’s out and home school them because they were being bullied and the school never did anything about it, they are home schooled now.

  • Shauna 2 years ago

    That driver seen what was happening and he allowed it he needs to be fired and possibly charged.

  • Bobbie Jo 2 years ago

    I just watched this video and it made me cry for this young man that obviously was asking for someone anyone to help him and as a parent myself of a child that tried to kill herself because of bullying on her bus in 2017 it sickens me to the core that nobody helped this young man. In my case my daughter didn’t ask for help from anybody first she just overdosed on Tylenol and ibuprofen. Thank god I found her in time to save her. She was in the hospital for quite sometime after that because the Tylenol messed up her liver. Thankfully she didn’t need a liver transplant like the doctors originally thought. But clearly this young man is begging for help and nothing being done about it. I just want to say to this young man that I’m so so sorry that nobody helped you Sweetheart!! I hope and pray that things get better for you and that the people involved in this get what’s coming to them.

  • Marianne McLaughlin 2 years ago

    To the boy who got bullied. Don’t let the losers of the world break you down. You are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect and don’t ever let anyone tell you different. The country stands behind you. I hope justice is served sweetheart.

  • Charlie Harris 2 years ago

    Yep..i walked and was late daily..finaly missed so much i was sent away..they dont care unless its their relative. I was bullied daily..even in bathrooms at school..

    • Charlie Harris 2 years ago


  • Charlie Harris 2 years ago

    Youve have got to stop this..i was sent away for 3 yrs for missing school over bullies in the 70s..and bullies did as they time it stops..bullies..3-6 months in juvi..automatic .then 6 months probation on will stop this shit..its to the point kids take their lives over this…its a crime…convict the assholes.

  • Debra Silvestro 2 years ago

    That poor baby! I just want to hug him. My heart breaks for hm. He did what he was taught to do. He asked adults to help and protect him and they did nothing!!!! Maybe they need to feel the same fear this child felt and the same pain that was inflicted on him!! And to the person videoing it, you should have used your phone to call the police!! Please give us an update on this poor child..I’m praying for him!!!!!

  • Jessica 2 years ago

    I sure hope the bus driver is fired…and whom ever the other adult voice is…the poor little biy was in fear for his life…he used the word “kill”” he states the bully is going to kill and punch him…are you kidding that the bus driver and the other adult madr him get off and then watched him get attacked…i wish there was someone to bully the bus driver and the other adult…

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have watched this video a few times and each time I see it I cry listening to this poor child beg for help. Really? Wake up people! There is no reason for an investigation. He is begging for help and is turned away by the people we teach our kids to trust? I cannot imagine the fear he was feeling and then the shock of being denied help by those he thought would be there to help. I hope that when this is all investigated that this child can trust those in authority again.

  • Alicia 2 years ago

    This literally had me in tears…smh

  • Christy 2 years ago

    This is awful just heartbreaking that an adult had a chance to stop the bullying of a child but instead ignored the fact of it Yes she/He should be Fired also the older student should be exspelled as well as taken to a facility where he can a video about what bullying has done to children world wide

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The bus driver isn’t allowed to leave children off at another bus stop. At least, that is what I understand. He should have radioed the police before letting the boy off.

  • Pamela Seamonds 2 years ago

    This is the reason that more and more parents are choosing to homeschool their children… Aside from the poor quality of education they receive in the public school system, kids are not being supervised adequately and it has become a real danger for any child. This kind of behavior was unheard of when I was in school, but the laws have changed since then, and as a result, so have the schools. Teachers and proincipal’s, like parents, are no longer legally permitted to discipline an unruly or defiant child. Thus, kids are out of control and bullying has become likened to an infectious disease. In 20 more years, public school education will be a thing of the past.

  • Dawn 2 years ago

    How Very, Very Horrible !! That bus driver should not only be fired, but NEVER be able to get another job involving children at all. How could you go to bed at night, and rest peacefully, knowing that young student was pleading with you to help him ??
    You should be sooo ashamed of yourself !!
    Note to the young man : I am so sorry you had to indore what you did. Prayers to you, Son. Most adults would NEVER have let something like that happen. God Bless you. ?

  • Tommy Sutton 2 years ago

    The bus driver and the bus monitor should be suspended and terminated after an internal investigation!!

  • kathy 2 years ago

    that is their page on facebook, I think everyone should voice their opinion there.

  • CL 2 years ago

    I am sickened that anyone would stand up for te bus driver or the aide in this situation! The adults on that bus had an obligation to keep the children in their care safe. They failed this young man. This young man was scared and pleading not to get off the bus. Yet the adults here made him get off and the moment he stepped off the bus he was attacked by a kid 3 grades ahead of him! There was no need for an adult to put their hands on either of the children. The older boy was off the bus. The bus driver should have driven away and radioed in that he had an issue and was concerned about the boys safety and had someone make contact with his parents. This poor boy was defenseless. He tried to do the right thing. How is he expected to trust the teachers and support staff in his life when this bus driver set him up for failure!? I hope the district takes some quick and very serious action in regards to this situation. I work in a school. I teach teenagers all day. I know how it can be at times but believe me when I say I would have done everything in my power to PROTECT and keep this child SAFE.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The scary part is not even the incident itself. The scary part is that both the bus company and the school board say that the incident is being investigated “internally,” which means that both of them are
    guilty of covering up what really happened and not wanting to appear careless or reckless in the eyes of the public. Top officials at both the bus company and the school board should be brought up to admit
    responsibility and to reveal all of the follow-up, and if they are not willing to do this, they should be fired.

  • Teacher 2 years ago

    Prosecute the bully. Put him in juvenile detention until he’s 17.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    total total bullshit kick the sorry bus driver to the curb and expel the bully asap and make it a requirement to have adults on the bus call 911 and let the kid stay on the boss till they arrive

  • Linda Smith 2 years ago

    Absolutely unacceptable! Adult bus driver needs to be fired and charged with child endangerment!!!

    The bullier should be expelled from school and charged with assault. His parents should also be charged!

    School officials should be fired for not protecting their student! I plan on following this closely!

  • Robin Diehm 2 years ago

    The bus driver should be fired. No excuses. Who’s the adult?
    Also needs to be sued!

  • Matt 2 years ago

    Never has there been a more gift wrapped lawsuit. I hate how litigious society has become but when video evidence like this is available. Open and shut!! Bus driver, punks parents, school district! Make em all pay!!! Sadly morals aren’t our guide anymore. Anyone with an iota of compassion would’ve let that boy off in front of his house. So the only way to help people who don’t care about anyone else learn is to lighten the pocketbook. Severely!!! I’m spitting mad! I pray for little fella and all the others who feel fear like that! Terrible terrible things happen when bullying goes unchecked! I wish I could send this kid a gift or some money!

  • E. Cordry 2 years ago

    The so called adults involved should ALL be reprimanded for not doing there job which is: TO PROTECT THE STUDENTS IN THEIR CARE…That is a BIG part of what they get pd for !!! They cannot address the ‘BULLYING” issue as THEY ARE ALSO BULLIES !!! We have aides in our schools who LOOK THE OTHER WAY conveniently when things are happening too…

  • Alice jones 2 years ago

    The driver should be fired.The way things are now the child could have been killed.

  • Michelle 2 years ago

    Bus driver should fired and charged! This makes me sick to my stomach!

  • Kris Rascon 2 years ago

    The bus driver should have dropped him off in front of his home as he pled; what harm would it have caused!! Very sad.?

  • Jane 2 years ago

    Bullying is impossible to eliminate completely which puts an unfair burden on schools. It will always be part of society. The school bus, playgrounds, passing time in hallways, and lunch rooms are where it happens because of lack of supervision. I can tell you this though, no way would I leave a child right in front of my eyes to defend himself. That broke my heart.

  • Greg 2 years ago

    To the boy that was attacked. It hurts me deeply to read this story. Please know that you have thousands of people rooting for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers also. I could not watch the video as that would have been a trigger to me. I was bullied at school and I internalized things. They sometimes rear their head still and I am 50 years old now. Please do not be scared to talk about what happened. A therapist might be able to help you process the many thoughts and feelings you may have going on. I wish that was an option for me back then but it wasn’t. God Bless you young man.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    U should take that bitch ass driver and drop his ass off in South central in cryptville or blood territory. Hopefully they’ll beat his ass. The bully needs a TEXAS Ass Woopin, and that other bitch on the bus should just b thrown out the bus while it’s moving.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    First FIRE that bus driver and then kick the shit out of him. The boy that was attacked his parents should be able to kick the ass of the attackers.

  • S. Henson 2 years ago

    I Agree with this: “The bus driver should be fired. Period. A message needs to be sent to ALL staff loud and clear that this will NOT be tolerated. Your job is to PROTECT the students, not put them in harms way.”
    “Your job is to PROTECT the students, not put them in harms way.”

    Either way The school district bus Drivers need to be Trained, this boy could have gone back to the Gus Barn and the parents called to meet them!


  • kathy ridgley 2 years ago

    As a school bus driver of 31 years, this video broke my heart. Never, would I have let that poor boy off the bus. He clearly was traumatized by the bully, and had probably been hit by him prior to this episode. I would have put the bully off the bus, closed the door, and than driven that young man to his home and made sure he safely got in the house, or driven him back to school, and went in with him to report the episode and called the parents of both boys. Yes, we are not allowed to touch the kids these days, but I have given hugs when they cry, wiped their tears, and given high fives for their achievements. Sometimes we do not know what their home life is like, and a bus driver is the first adult they see in the morning, and the last school official in the evening, they need to feel safe with us. I would have broken the rules and given that boy a hug to reassure him he was going to be safe, damm the rules, sometimes, that it what is called for in the moment. If you are a caring adult, you would know that.

  • Holly 2 years ago

    The parents of the boy riding the bus need to step up and press charged of assault against the bus driver and the 9th grade punk!! They need to protect their child period!!

  • Dave 2 years ago

    Born and raised in South Philly in the 70’s there was no facebook videos there were no social media when something happened whether it was on a bus, a street corner or in the restroom at school it was started and ended there! You fought your way in and out of school every single day and if you didn’t fight you got brutally hurt! I know for a fact I would never ever condone my child to pick a fight with another child but I can tell you this I would teach my child how to fight and if he was bullied he would be prepared to kick a kids ass across the Country! School and School personel are the laziest people I have ever seen. It’s easier for them to blame the weak then it is the strong. They are just as afraid of retaliation them the bullied kids are. They have nice cars to protect. Oh no we are not rocking any boats. But if it were their child, they wouldnt hesitate to do the same.

  • misty 2 years ago

    This is bull I have to deal with this asme treatment of my kids one whom has adhd gets called stupid numerous times a day, the bus driver has taken his folder and through away his homework on the bus. she calls him grandpa as an insult, I told him it is honorary to be referred to as an elder. I have contacted the school several different times on the count of these things and more. they never do anything! The bus driver in this little boys case though should be fired and charges brought against them. what if it would have been a child molester at the stop and the kid said i dont want to get off here bc he tried to touch him. what the bus driver should have done was call the school and then contact local law enforcement before letting that little child off.

  • Peter M 2 years ago

    The bus driver didn’t give a horse’s a** about the kid. He could’ve drop the kid off near his home, but then he could be reprimanded for getting off the route or making undesignated stops. ’tis the world we live in these days. there should be an SRO on every bus as there is a marshall on seemingly every flight.

  • Henrietta Hannon 2 years ago

    It’s horriable that this happen to a child and the bus driver should be fired by all means. I also feel as a parent that the child doing the bullying should not be aloud to ride the school bus anymore and the parents should be made to take them to school everyday . The parents of the child doing the bullying should pay a fine and every time the child is caught bullying the fine should go up. That way once the parents gets tired of paying fines they will do something about their kids bullying.

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