A New Hampshire woman with asthma is especially grateful to be a mom after she says her 5-year-old son saved her life.

As WMUR reports, in late March, Nicole Phung suffered a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest while at her home. She had dialed 911 for help but was unable to speak.

Luckily, her sons, Braxton, 9, and Mitchell, 5, had just gotten home from school.

Braxton recalled:

“She was crying ‘help.’ We barged in, then she handed the phone to Mitch.”

In response, Mitchell took the phone and told the dispatcher their address.

Not long after the call, Frisbie Memorial Hospital paramedics Joshua Berk, John McLain, and Kevin Monte arrived. They successfully revived her, although asthma patients are reportedly very hard to resuscitate.

Gary Brock, director of EMS at Frisbie, said:

“It’s really important for asthma victims to call early to get that help as soon as possible.”

Following the attack, doctors sedated Phung for five days. After that, she began going to rehab to relearn some of her basic skills.

The mother of two said:

“You never know. One day you’re fine, the next your heart stops and you have to relearn how to walk again.”

Her 5-year-old is just happy his mom is okay and wants to “just cuddle up with her.”

According to First Aid for Life, pollen and pollution are frequently responsible for triggering asthma attacks. People can begin suffering from hay fever as early as January. The likely hood of an asthma attack increases as Spring approaches.

The organization advises that those tending to a person having an asthma attack try to remain calm. Try and sit the person down and loosen any tight clothing they may be wearing, while they take puffs of their inhaler.

If they do not start to feel better, call 911 for medical attention. Make sure the person continues to use their inhaler until paramedics arrive.

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