Almost a month ago, 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor noticed his baby brother Dylan was no longer dancing around in the kitchen. Even though an adult was around, he’d been keeping an eye on the 2-year-old.

After glancing around, he saw the back sliding door was left open in their Roseville, Michigan, home.

According to The Washington Post, he saw his brother’s shoe floating in the pool first.

Then, he saw Dylan’s body face down. But instead of panicking or running for help — both natural and reasonable reactions — Jacob jumped in.

He reportedly dragged his brother out of the pool and instinctively performed CPR compressions for 30 seconds. He told the Post he kept pushing down until Dylan’s “heart started pumping.”

Once he felt his brother’s heartbeat, he reportedly rushed inside and got his grandmother — who had just been getting ready to put the little boy down for a nap. She then immediately called 911 and continued administering CPR.

The boys’ mom rushed to the hospital, where Dylan would soon be released with no serious injuries, and, after the dust settled, made her way back home to ask Jacob what exactly happened.

It was then that she learned how quick-thinking and brave her son was. But, naturally, after hearing his recollection of events, she wondered how in the world he knew CPR.

Jacob said one scene from his favorite movie, “San Andreas,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, simply “popped up” in his head.

In the film, which depicts the devastation from the biggest earthquake in history, the Rock’s character pulls his daughter from a building submerged in water and resuscitates her using CPR compressions.

After a few tense moments, she eventually spits up water and, like that, comes back to life.

Jacob told his mom he “saw it in a movie,” and told the Post:

“The movie just popped up in my head and I started thinking about that scene. And that’s when I started doing the compressions.”

According to the Post, “San Andreas” has been Jacob’s favorite movie for some time. In fact, he reportedly last watched it just a week before Dylan’s near-drowning.

After Jacob’s life-saving and inspiring story made its way from local to national news, his action-film hero, “The Rock” himself, couldn’t believe the 10-year-old’s bravery. And he let the world know:

He called Jacob a “real life 10yr old hero,” and he’s not the only one who thinks so.

Roseville Fire Chief Michael Holland told the C&G Newspaper:

“What an amazing thing, at 10 years old, to think in that stressful situation about what the right thing to do for your younger brother is — that’s stunning.”

But giving Jacob a shout out just wasn’t good enough for the “San Andreas” star. Instead, he announced he’d be flying the “real life hero’s” entire family out to meet him in Vancouver in order to “shake young Jacob’s hand”:

While Jacob might be gearing up in excitement to meet his hero, “The Rock” is, without a doubt, doing the same.

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