Eight-year-old Donovan Shaw took the time to notice a fellow teammate holding back tears at a football game in Seattle, Washington. He comforted the young boy, who was anxiously waiting for his father to arrive at his junior football team’s outing at the Seattle Seahawks preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

Chelsea Burke posted about the day she saw the third grader kindly console the young boy until his dad arrived.

Her Facebook post captured the 8-year-old putting his arm around his teammate who was walking around the stands looking for his dad. Burke wrote:

One little boy made his way up with one of the Centurylink staff and was upset that his dad wasn’t there yet and started making his way down the row of kids, holding back tears.

The little boy in the black jersey looked up and noticed him and instantly pulled him down beside him and put his arm around him, making sure he was ok and watched the beginning of the game with him, explaining things and answering questions.

According to the Seattle Medium, the boy wasn’t alone at the game. He attended the supervised event with his Benson Bruins team. Stadium staff assured the boy his dad would be there soon to watch the game with him, but he was still upset. Shaw told the Medium:

“I asked him to sit down because I wanted him to feel better.

He didn’t know which one Russell Wilson was, so I showed him where Wilson was and other players.”

Burke said the simple act of kindness had a huge impact on her and she wanted to share the photo with others. She wrote:

You’re so used to seeing the worst of people plastered everywhere that it was so refreshing to see the innocence and sweet compassion that we’re able to instill in our children if we try hard enough to raise them the right way.

This world needs a lot more love in it and our kids are just the beginning.

Shaw’s mother, Dana Clark, told the Medium that she raised her son to have a “soft heart” towards others.

“It does not cost you anything to be nice to someone. As a matter of fact, it will make you feel good to make other people feel good,” said Clark.

Shaw said he “felt sorry” for the distressed boy and he just wanted to let him know everything would be okay— “because you should help people when they’re sad.”

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