Jase Hyndman was very clear about the address on his letter. He asked the mailman to take it to heaven, “for my dad’s birthday.”

As the 7-year-old from West Lothian, Scotland told This Morning, this year, he wanted to do something different for his father.

According to BBC News, Jase’s dad died in May of 2014. Every November, he and his sister, Neive, do something to mark their dad’s birthday. Jase told This Morning:

“I never usually send dad cards; we usually just got out and give him flowers at his grave. So I wanted him to actually read something so I posted him a birthday card.”

Having sent his dad the card, carefully addressed to heaven, Jase hadn’t thought much about it. Until he got a response from the Royal Mail.

A few weeks ago my 7 year old son posted this card to his dad in heaven and today he got a lovely reply from the postman…

Posted by Teri Copland on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A postal employee named Sean Milligan wrote back to Jase, just to let the young man know that his letter had been delivered. Jase’s mother, Teri Copland, shared the response on Facebook. It read:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to contact you about how we succeeded in the delivery of your letter, to your dad in Heaven. This was a difficult challenge avoiding the stars and other galactic objects on route to Heaven.

However please be assured that this particular important item of mail has been delivered. Royal Mail’s priority is to get our customers mail delivered safely I know how important your mail is to you. I will continue to do all I can to ensure delivery to Heaven safely.

Teri wrote on Facebook that Milligan’s kind gesture, “just restored my faith in humanity.”

And it meant even more to Jase. Teri told the Lancashire Post:

“When Jase opened the letter he just said, ‘Wow it really got there — my dad’s really got it.’ It’s just so amazing and so overwhelming.”

Jase confessed to This Morning that he was, “a bit confused,” when he first saw the letter from the post office, but he was very happy after reading it.

Teri told the Post that they are sure his dad would enjoy the story too:

“He said that dad would be really, really laughing. He is just amazed and has carried that letter in his pocket since he got — what an incredible job they have done.”

Teri’s Facebook post has been shared thousands of times, and many wrote about how touched they were by Jase’s letter and Milligan’s response.

The mom says she shared the letter from Milligan because she appreciated how they helped both her and her son. She told the Post that the difficult thing about losing a partner is that, “you’ve lost your co-pilot,” and have to bear the full burden of helping your children through difficulties:

“This is the one time that I haven’t had to do that. Royal Mail took that out of my hands and for me that was big really big deal.”

Teri says that this one small act of kindness from a stranger at the Royal Mail made a huge difference to her family. She told the BBC:

“I want people to realize that a small gesture of kindness can have such a fantastic impact on someone’s life … Royal Mail actually took part and that gives me so much comfort.”

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One Reply to “Boy Celebrates Dad’s Birthday With a Letter to Heaven. This Year, the Postman Delivers a Response”

  • Danielle Gael 2 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful!! I lost my mom when I was young, you just never get over it. This will surely help him believe his father is watching over him and with him always. This brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy that this young boy’s heart might smile for a little bit. I believe we still have some really thoughtful people in the world and he found one of them! ❤️

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