Ohio 6-year-old Jomari Bradley has been through more than 1,200 treatments since he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, anaplastic ependymoma.

According to WXYZ, Jomari was excited to head to school this year. But an MRI scan in September revealed that his tumor was still growing and that he couldn’t go to class with his friends.

His mother, Doneshia Lee, told People:

“He’s been going through a lot this past year. It’s been pretty rough. He’s gone through surgery and radiation.”

Waffers Brown, the child’s uncle, knew he was feeling down and decided to take to Facebook with a plea earlier this month.

He asked that people send Christmas cards to the 6-year-old in order to cheer him up for the holidays.

And soon enough, the cards started pouring in from strangers all over the world. Lee said:

“We opened the card together. He got a little gift that came with it. He was happy about that. Then the next day we got like 17 cards, then the day after that we got like 300 cards! Every day since then it’s been about 250 to 300 cards.”

It’s been a big help in bringing the little boy some Christmas cheer, said his family.

The family said that Jomari was “shocked” by the sudden outpouring of support, but that he can’t wait to get to the mailbox each day and open his cards.

An update on Jomari’s Facebook page read:

Jomari is blessed by each and everyone of you for sending him card’s and gifts from all over the world. Who would have thought a small child’s request for Christmas cards would turn out this big?! This has truly lifted his spirits!

In addition to the cards, a GoFundMe campaign has been started to help support the 6-year-old. It’s raised over $3,000 so far.

You can send your own card to Jomari at 400 Chicago Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 45215.

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