A CEO encouraged working parents to put their families first in an open letter to employees, but some say Charity Delmo’s post sounds a little too good to be true.

The founder and managing director of a Sydney based company called Ideal Visa Consultancy told her employees that home comes first before work and she doesn’t want her staff to lose sight of their work-life balance.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Delmo wrote about prioritizing family over clients. The CEO said she’d rather “close the company” than see her employees missing out on family obligations because of work commitments.

Delmo told her employees:

 Your work can wait. I can wait.

She explained:

When the time comes that you will have to choose between attending your sons and daughters’ school activities over a client’s needs, if you have to choose between your wife or your husband’s needs over mine as your boss, — please choose them.


They are your home first before the company gave you a second home, they’re your family before you became mine. I have always believed that a person who’s happy at home is also happy at work.

So, Go home. Be home.

The post has received over 54,000 reactions since it was posted November 14. However, some had reservations about the letter. One commenter wrote:

I doubt this is written by a boss. Many if not all bosses doesn’t give a s**t about their employees nor their families but we can only hope that this is real. It is definitely nice to dream sometimes.

The boss responded to the skepticism by saying she wrote the post.

Posted by Charity Delmo on Friday, October 5, 2018

One Facebook user questioned Delmo’s leadership by writing:

I disagree. We want our employees to be good providers to their families. But saying you’d rather close the company than seeing your employees miss their kid’s school activities or unfixed misunderstanding with their husbands and wives?

Good Luck!

I’d rather have my employees miss their kid’s activities from time to time but guarantee them that they have a job to always go back to than search for a new one.

What do you think about the CEO’s message?

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