Milwaukee police officers Michael Ward and Thomas Kresa were on patrol in late October when a car started flipping on the road near them.

According to TMJ4, witnesses told them that another car had hit the vehicle and sped away.

The officers were unaware that a 17-month-old boy was trapped inside until they heard his mom yelling. Kresa said:

“It was frantic. I didn’t hear a child until she said there was child in the car. But she was pretty frantic.”

They asked the mom to unlock the car door but she was unable to. That’s when they went into action, kicking in the front window of the vehicle.

Luckily, the officers were able to pull the toddler out of the car. In body cam footage, Ward told the worried mom:

“We are going to take care of him, okay.”

They were able to pull the mother out quickly after, CBS 58 reports. Ward said he was relieved to see the baby was relatively okay:

“It was a good feeling when we realized the child was alright. Originally we didn’t realize there was a young child in there so when the mom handed the child over and we realized the child was conscious and breathing it’s a good feeling to know everyone was safe and alright.”

The two officers are now being hailed heroes, but Kresa said he’s not sure that he’s deserving of the title. He told CBS 58:

“You really don’t think about being called a hero. Just, we were at the right place at the right time. Training kicked in we did what we had to do.”

On Tuesday, both officers were given Merit Awards by the Milwaukee Police Academy for the heroic rescue.

Thankfully, the mother and child are expected to be okay. Police have since captured the hit-and-run perpetrator.

Watch the video below:

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