It’s just 45 minutes into the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards show live on Fox, and people are already claiming that one longtime comedian and actor is winning the night.

While introing the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, actor Ben Stiller took a stroll down memory lane remembering some of the world’s most well-known comedic actors, like the late George Burns and Lucille Ball.

While on stage, each of those entertainers was represented by lifelike wax figures.

Stiller then mentions legendary comedian Bob Newhart. However, because Newhart is still alive and well, the 90-year-old entertainer represented himself onstage and the hilarity that ensued between Stiller and Newhart had people on Twitter saying Newhart won the night.

As Stiller continued to praise Newhart for his past works, the legend interrupted Stiller to say that he was still alive, saying that it was “weird” Stiller was talking about him as if he was past tense and joked that he was going to kick Stiller’s a** so “that way you’ll know I’m alive.”

The moment quickly won over the hearts of all those watching the Emmys in real-time:

So, just so the world is clear, Bob Newhart is still alive, he’s still as funny as ever, and he most definitely was one of the brightest highlights at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards.

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