Bindi Irwin and her longtime boyfriend, professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell, have been dating for more than three years.

According to earlier reports, the two first fell for each other in 2013 when Chandler, 20, met Bindi, 19, on a trip to her family’s zoo. They haven’t been shy about publicizing their adorable relationship.

The couple often posts loving photos of each other on social media.

But even though the couple is open about their happy relationship, rumors of a “love triangle” started to swirl recently.

The magazine Women’s Day claimed that Bindi had feelings for 27-year-old Luke Reavley, an employee of the Irwin family.

An “anonymous source” told the publication that Chandler was concerned Bindi was getting closer with the older man. They said:

“The trouble is Chandler has noticed that Bindi seems to be spending a lot more time with Luke lately and he’s worried sick she might be falling for him.”

A spokesperson for the Irwin family quickly slammed the report, calling the rumor “not true at all.” They told the Daily Mail:

“Luke is Terri’s Executive Assistant and has worked with the family for years. Although Bindi and Chandler are not married, they are firmly an item.

If Woman’s Day think that makes a triangle, I suggest they go back to school to study their geometry.”

And if that wasn’t enough to shut down the vicious gossip, Chandler’s latest Instagram post about his “sweetheart” sure will.

The 20-year-old posted a heartfelt message to Instagram on Sunday in honor of his longtime girlfriend’s birthday … and it has fans’ hearts melting. Chandler wrote:

“Happy Birthday for tomorrow to the kindest, strongest, most beautiful soul I have ever met. We have been together for years now and loving you will always be the greatest blessing. Every day I aspire to be more like you in the way you work tirelessly for what you believe in and the people you love most, all while carrying the most gorgeous smile.”

Chandler continued on to say that he can’t wait for his future with the wildlife conservationist. The wakeboarder wrote:

“After all the adventures we have experienced together, I can only imagine what the years to come will hold. You make me smile bigger than I ever knew was possible and give me the most amazing memories that I will carry with me forever. I love you. Happy birthday sweetheart.”

The heartfelt garnered a massive reaction on social media. Many Instagram users couldn’t stop singing praises about the couple:

Screenshot/Instagram Screenshot/Instagram Screenshot/Instagram

So despite all the rumors surrounding the couple, it doesn’t appear that they’re on the rocks.

In fact, it seems like they’re doing better than ever.

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