Biker gang helps abuse victims

On Twitter, a proud daughter gave a shout out to her dad, a real-life hero. As Gracie Conrad wrote, her father, Troy Conrad, is taking on the challenge of combating child abuse with the motorcycle club full of bikers he founded, who provide support to victims and their families.

These biker gangs are all across the United States, and they mean business when it comes to helping kids who have been physically, mentally, or sexually abused find the strength to testify against their abusers in court.

Conrad is the president of the local Guardians of the Children (G.O.C.) chapter in Tacoma, Washington. He spoke with Dearly about their mission to not only protect and advocate for children, who have been abused but empower the families of victims to speak up and not stay silent.

Conrad said:

“If you want your child to move on, to become a child again, please let them talk about it, let them go to counseling, let them heal and support them in every aspect of it so that they can become a child again.”

Speaking up about abuse can be an intimidating feat for a child, and they often need help to overcome their fears. Conrad explained:

“The problem is child abuse is out there and it’s more rampant than what the population thinks. It’s everywhere and it’s just such a taboo thing. It’s starting to change and that’s what we’re trying to help is to make people talk about it.”

The father continued:

“If you see something say something. Don’t just ignore it. You know so many families try to wipe things under the rug with it and that’s not what we want. We want it exposed, we want whole entire community to know how bad it is so that everyone will fight and do what needs to be done to get rid of it.”

Once children are empowered to speak, they can begin to heal.

The non-profit organization with 50 chapters in 20 states encourages families to help kids find closure by seeking out counseling services because there is help out there.

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