When Bob Harper, a former trainer on the hit show “The Biggest Loser,” started having dizzy spells, he never guessed they were deadly warning signs.

The fitness guru collapsed at a New York City gym in February after having a “widow-maker” heart attack. Luckily, a doctor nearby was able to resuscitate the 51-year-old with defibrillator paddles and CPR.

He awoke in the hospital two days and learned some horrifying news: the heart attack had actually killed him.

Harper told “The Andy Cohen Show“:

“There was a piece of paper from the doctors that said, ‘Cause of death: Cardiac arrest.’ Yeah, that’s a wake-up call.”

Following the heart attack, Harper said that he went back to “square one” with regard to his health.

He has since changed his lifestyle in order to stay healthy. The fitness guru now sticks to a Mediterranean diet that is low in saturated fats. Despite some objections from his vegan followers, Harper eats heart healthy meats like fish in order to keep his risk low.

And now, Harper has hit a major milestone on his journey to recovery.

The “Biggest Loser” star announced on Instagram Thursday that he recently completed his cardiac rehabilitation. Harper wrote:

Yesterday was a BIG DAY in my recovery from my heart attack. I finished my cardiac rehab. It has been super important to me and also HUMBLING. All the support that I’ve been getting from all my IG friends helped me when it was tough so THANK YOU for all the love and support.

The fitness guru thanked all of his friends and followers for support and said that the whole experience has been “humbling.”

According to ET Online, Harper also getting back into his old routines. The fitness star was able to complete his first Crossfit workout this week for the first time since having a heart attack.

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