Kristina Shaw’s little sister is currently battling cancer.

As Shaw wrote on Twitter, her little sister was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in May of this year.

Now Shaw is fighting back against a guy who made her little sister “feel ugly” after he blocked her when he learned she was bald as a result of her cancer treatments.

According to Shaw’s sister:

The kid added me on snap. He was cute and really nice. We were snapping for a while with my wig on then I was getting ready to go in the shower so I took my wig off and we continued to snap. I sent a picture of myself bald and then he blocked me. I’m sad now.

He made me feel ugly.

Shaw replied to her sister, saying:

You are not at all ugly. And you better not ever let a boy make you believe otherwise.

With hair or without hair you are so beautiful inside and out.

Later, Shaw’s sister said she knows she shouldn’t let a boy make her feel ugly, before adding:

It’s just he didn’t have to block me.

The big sister then took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it, along with photos of her little sister, to Twitter.

She then requested her fellow Twitter followers and users to “retweet” if they think her sister is “bald and beautiful”:

Boys absolutely suck. This is the text I got from my baby sister today… Twitter please do your thing and retweet if you think she’s bald and beautiful (because she won’t listen to me).

The tweet eventually got over 81,000 retweet and over 206,000 likes.

Here are some of the responses Shaw’s little sister received:

Shaw eventually added that she knows “[the boy] could’ve been a lot meaner to her but either way he still made my sister feel so ugly … this was not the way to go about it in my opinion.”

She went on to thank the thousands of people who showed her sister some love because all of it “made her so happy.”

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