Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Fans of the hit CBS show “Big Brother” are up in arms after one contestant was caught on camera making a crude rape joke about another contestant’s wife.

Players on the reality show live inside a house where they are filmed from all angles 24 hours a day — even when they’re sleeping.

Every week, the contestants pick one person to be “evicted” from the house, and the last few players remaining at the end of the game get a shot at winning $500,000.

But being stuck inside a house for months together, and fighting it out for a massive cash prize, leads to a lot of tension between houseguests. And this season, players have been particularly brutal to each other.

Earlier in the season, contestant Paul Abrahamian landed in hot water when he joked about wearing “black face” in order to imitate fellow contestant, Dominique Cooper, according to AOL.

In a separate disagreement, several other contestants intentionally disparaged the military service of another player, Cody Nickson, who served as a Marine.

They were aiming to get under the Marine’s skin and cause a mental breakdown since they were targeting him for eviction that week.

But now it seems that one contestant has taken things a step too far…

According to TMZ, fans are slamming Jason Dent, who had previously been a fan-favorite on the show, for joking about raping another contestants wife — and making his kids watch.


The joke was aimed at fellow contestant Kevin Schlehuber, a 55-year-old father of seven, who Dent has been targeting for eviction recently.

Dent was sitting around with other housemates discussing what he would do to make Schlehuber “miserable” if the stay-at-home dad every nominated him or his ally for eviction.

Dent, who works as a rodeo clown outside the game, laughed as he told the other houseguests:

“I’m gonna f*** your wife when I get out of here. And I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f***ing watch.”

The other players, including his main ally, Alex Ow, laughed at the comment.

Abrahamian covered his face with his hands and said, “Oh my god.”

The joke, which was captured on the show’s online live-feeds, has not been aired on television yet. But fans are already calling for Dent to be removed from the game after the clip went viral on social media.

Some Twitter users wrote:

Producers have yet to respond to the controversy, but Schlehuber’s family members have — sort of.

Schlehuber’s Twitter account, which it appears is “run by family,” has been tweeting and retweeting some inflammatory tweets about other houseguests involved in the drama.

And at one point referred to Ow, who laughed at the joke, as a “b****.”

It’s unclear if Dent will face any in-game consequences for the joke.

You can watch Dent tell the joke in the video below:

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