Actor Ben Affleck, 46, may be busy promoting his new action film, but he still finds time to be a father.

The star has three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7. And he’s now fulfilled his “dad dream” of teaching at least one of them a sport.

Affleck appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show this week, where he revealed that he’s now a Little League coach for his son’s baseball team, People reports.

The Boston Red Sox fan told Ellen DeGeneres:

“I’m a coach on the Little League team and it’s going great. He’s awesome, it’s a lot of fun. The kids are great kids. I do have to wear a Dodgers hat, because that is the team, but you know …”

Though he was recently in Asia to promote his movie “Triple Frontier” for Netflix, Affleck told DeGeneres that he flew back to fulfill his role as coach.

The 46-year-old explained to the host:

“I had a game last week and I was promoting, and I was going to Asia and I was like, ‘I have to come back a day early!‘ And it was like, ‘Whats the … ?’ And I was like, ‘My son’s Little League game? I’m the coach.’ But thank you, Netflix. They did let me [go].”

Affleck added that coaching his child in a sport is a real dream come true for a father. He explained:

“It’s one of those things, you love it so much, it’s like the dad dream. Coaching your son or your daughter on their Little League team, it’s very exciting and people have been very cool.”

The dad told Entertainment Tonight that co-parenting alongside Garner is easy because she’s a “wonderful” mother.

The two split in 2015 after 10 years of marriage but still attend important events for their children together.

They both recently attended Samuel’s 7th birthday party, where Garner dressed up like a character from “How to Train Your Dragon” — to her son’s dismay, Dearly reported.

The dad explained:

“I was shocked as anybody when I saw Jen come out as Astrid. But then she said Sam was like, ‘OK Mom. We already have an Astrid.’ … I felt so bad. She was devastated. She had gone to all these lengths to put on the costume… We’re just not that cool.”

Though Garner and Affleck are no longer together, it seems their both willing to go extra lengths to bring happiness to their children.

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3 Replies to “Ben Affleck Flew Halfway Across the World to Coach Son’s Baseball Game. He Calls It the ‘Dad Dream’”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Excuse me – but, how hypocritical is this? He is cursing out President Trump for not believing or fighting “climate change” and pollution, but he is flying half way across the world to watch his kid play?! What a despicable hypocrite!

  • Paul H. Henderson 2 years ago

    We don’t all have money to do this flying thing whenever we wish to be praised for fatherhood. Besides, he is a Democrat and fights against the rest of us who drive to work and burns fuel, pollutes the atmosphere according to them. He is a fake and we all know it. Stupid dad who what all for the rest of us to know how sweet he is. He is a fraud along with all Democrats and Hollywood dummies.

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    Really?!? He does something that is not necessary to a lot of dads & because he’s a democrat you are demeaning his commitment to his children?!? I am a Republican & I am proud of him for his children being more important than his job! Politics are not as important as your family & I will still watch his movies! You are an awesome & amazing dad!

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