Rachelle Bond has spent the last 665 days in jail.

The former heroin addict mother was recently a suspect in the murder trial of her 2-year-old daughter, Bella Bond.

According to reports on June 25, 2015, Bella’s body was discovered by a woman on Deer Island, near Boston, Massachusetts. Her remains were found in a plastic bag that had washed ashore.

For three months, investigators attempted to identify Bella, whom they referred to as Baby Doe.

Bella’s identity was discovered after Rachelle confided in a friend, telling her that her live-in boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, murdered the baby girl.

McCarthy was arrested and charged with second-degree murder; Rachelle was charged with accessory to murder after the fact and larceny.

After accepting a plea deal, Rachelle pleaded guilty to the charges and was required to testify against McCarthy.

According to her testimony, as reported by the Boston Globe, Bella had refused to go to bed for four nights straight; McCarthy became frustrated with the little girl while attempting to put her to bed.

Rachelle alleged that she watched McCarthy punch Bella in the stomach so ferociously that it made her head start to swell. McCarthy threatened Rachelle with the same fate if she told anyone about what happened. He also allegedly told her:

“It was [Bella’s] time to die. She was a demon.”

In June, McCarthy was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years.

On July 14, Rachelle will walk out of a jail a semi-free woman. She was ordered by Suffolk Superior Court Judge Janet L. Sanders to spend an undisclosed amount of time in an intensive inpatient drug rehabilitation program as part of her release.

She is also required to pay a $250 fine as a result of her larceny charge, is on two years probation, must have a psych evaluation, and has been ordered to stay off drugs and alcohol.

Rachelle’s attorney, Janice Bassil, said the 41-year-old declined to make a statement at her sentencing, adding that she “doesn’t want to make a statement, ever.”

Bassil also revealed to The Boston Herald that Rachelle is scared for what her future holds. She explained:

“She really doesn’t have family. She doesn’t have friends. People are very hostile towards her. She has nothing.

She is scared about her future. And regardless of what people think about her involvement or not, she grieves the loss of that child every single day.”

According to Bassil, after her client and McCarthy were arrested and charged, much of their personal belongings were auctioned off, meaning when Rachelle walks out of jail on Friday, her only possessions will be the bag of toiletries Bassil had purchased for her and a pair of Bella’s pink boots.

We Gave Her Back her Name, Now We Will Give Her JusticeColonel Richard D. McKeon, superintendent of the Massachusetts…

Posted by Massachusetts State Police on Monday, September 21, 2015

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley told the media earlier this week that he believes justice has been served in this particular case. He said:

“With this sentence, coupled with what she will bear now for the rest of her life, justice has been served. The true killer has been held accountable.”

The location where Rachelle will be receive inpatient treatment has not been revealed.

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