Former “The Bachelor” contestant Bekah Martinez is perhaps best known for showing up on a California missing persons list while the show aired.

The 23-year-old’s mom reported her missing because she hadn’t heard from her during the reality show filming, Dearly reported.

It turned out, Martinez just wasn’t allowed to have a phone during the shoot.

Police took her off the list after it was confirmed that she was actually just looking for love on television.

Martinez wasn’t chosen by “Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr., but she eventually found love with boyfriend Grayston Leonard.

The two welcomed a baby girl on February 2 and shared photos of the newborn with fans on Instagram.

Martinez captioned an image of her cradling the newborn after a water birth:

On the morning of February 2nd, our little girl joined us earth-side and we will never be the same. We are all as healthy and happy as can be.

The mom also shared photos of her post-baby body on Wednesday, four days after welcoming the little one.

Martinez posed in a pair of postpartum mesh underwear and wrote:

So amazing what we can do. I’ve never felt so much respect and love for my body, diaper and all. #ThisIsPostPartum

Bekah Martinez/Instagram

Last month, “The Bachelorette” star Desiree Hartsock similarly shared a photo of her postpartum baby belly just days after giving birth.

Hartsock also had a message of positivity, she said:

It is an absolute miracle what our bodies can do to carry and deliver a baby and I’m always so fascinated by the sheer wisdom and nature of it all.

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I’m not typically one to document or especially share body image pics but the more and more postpartum pics I see from you all- the more empowering I feel the message can be to new moms- or anyone for that matter!. So here I am 4 days postpartum looking like I’m still pregnant but feeling like a supermodel/ warrior. Haha. . It is an absolute miracle what our bodies can do to carry and deliver a baby and I’m always so fascinated by the sheer wisdom and nature of it all. The fourth trimester is no joke and it needs to be recognized that a woman’s pregnancy journey doesn’t end when the baby arrives- there’s so much healing and recovery that needs to take place physically and mentally when lack of sleep and roller coaster hormones are at work. Not to mention the post cramping the uterus does to contract back. ? it’s like labor all over again. . As a society we need to embrace the beauty of the body during this time and not expect a new mom to just ‘bounce’ back like her body didn’t just go through battle. It’s feeling beautiful and courageous in our own skin no matter the stretch marks, extra weight and whatever else is going on. Grace upon grace upon grace .. for ourselves and each other. . Long story short. You’re awesome, your body rocks and you’re beautiful!! ??? #postpartum #pregnancy #selflove

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It seems these reality star moms are proud of their post-pregnancy bellies and have no shortage of body positivity.

Congrats to the parents!

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