Just months ago, Kevin Clancy wished his wife a happy anniversary. The two have been married for three years and have brought two children into the world. But according to his wife’s Instagram posts over the weekend, they might not be married for much longer.

Kevin is a popular sports blogger for Barstool Sports, and he’s especially known for his commentary on other people’s personal lives. Whether it be an NFL player’s divorce, or a celebrity’s drunken arrest, Kevin always seems to be there with a scathing opinion in hand.


So it may have surprised people when his wife, Caitlin Nugent Clancy, posted a now-deleted Instagram airing the most personal of problems: Her doting husband had been cheating on her, the Daily Mail reports.

On Friday, Caitlin posted several screenshots of text detailing her heartbreak. It read, in part:

Last night after I put my 2-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son to bed, I caught my husband sending messages to his mistress who he’s apparently been seeing since I was 8 months pregnant. Days before I gave birth, he was at a hotel in Manhattan with her. Days after I gave birth, he was there, too. The rug’s been pulled out from underneath me.

She continued, writing that her husband isn’t who she thought he was — and that he was no kinder to his mistress:

The kind, funny, relatable family man I thought I married is clearly lower, more insecure and more disrespectful than I ever imagined… he’s already trashed her and dropped her like a hot potato behind her back so she’ll receive the same treatment I did.

And she clarified that had Kevin not made their life so public, she would never be going public with this information. However, she wrote her intention was to get ahead of the inevitable press that would, no doubt, be brutal:

I never asked for my life and family to be so public, but since I know this is going to come out anyway, I wanted to set the truth [straight] before the public humiliation begins.

Lastly, she wrote about her children:

I don’t know exactly where things go from here but I do know my kids and I are going to pick up the pieces and move on stronger and better from this. People may have a field day with this but please remember my two sweet babies—they are all that matter to me and protecting them is my number one priority.

On Saturday, her disgraced husband didn’t keep up any false pretenses. Instead, he posted his own apology to both his family and his fans:

In a video uploaded to Twitter, he said:

“I have ruined my marriage, my family and my life because I acted selfishly, I acted like a coward and I behaved like a boy when I should’ve behaved like a man. And all I can do now is ask for forgiveness. And whether or not I deserve that forgiveness, whether or not I ever get that forgiveness, all I can do is act in a way that’s best for my wife and kids because I didn’t do so in the past.”

He also acknowledged that he expects to be ridiculed for his actions considering how he’s made his career, saying he “deserves” it:

“I have always led a very public life, I have made a career off of talking about other people’s personal lives, and so I don’t expect anything in return for me. I know that I’ll be roasted and humiliated and mocked, and I absolutely deserve all of that.”

He concluded his apology by stating although he wants to “own up to” everything, he, too, hopes to protect his kids:

“I want to face this head-on, I want to own up to it, I want to apologize and not run and hide from it.

Some details I do think should remain private for the sake of my kids. I don’t think they need to be involved, I don’t think everything needs to be public because their names end up in the tabloids, they end up being dragged through the mud, all because of their stupid father.”

His infidelity, however, might have made protecting his children from so much scrutiny a near-impossible feat.

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