Former New York City Ballet principal dancer Darci Kistler and Master-in-Chief Peter Martins raised their daughter to be a socialite. According to the Bangor Daily News, Talicia Martins was presented at the annual Vanity Fair “debutantes” Crillon Ball in Paris back in 2013.

By all accounts, the 21-year-old was set up to be a star.

But recent crime news may have caused the up-and-comer’s star to dull. According to CBS, the power family’s daughter was arrested after an alleged burglary spree.

Police told the network that Martins and a friend, Jacob Flanagan, stole over $1,000 from stores in Camden, Maine.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The New York Post added that the sticky-fingered duo stole from three shops in particular — Smoothie Shack, Francine Bistro, and Camden Cone, which is described as “a local hole in the wall that’s been serving up scoops and smiles for 25 years.”

Local police reported that alcohol and drugs were a “factor” in the thievery, but they did not elaborate further.

One of the victims, Camden Cone cashier Nick Greer, told the New York Post that he was one of the first people at the shop after the robbery. What first tipped him off to the crime was an odd-looking window:

“I saw that the window was taken apart, and that looked odd, so I called the owner and asked if that was normal, and she said no. Then I opened the front door, and I saw that the register was not there, and I had to call the owner again. She was not happy.”

Martins apparently posted pictures of herself and her friends on vacation; however, her Instagram account has since been deleted.

Greer touched on the cheeky irony of the crimes: “It’s kind of funny because it doesn’t sound like she needs to be stealing anything.”

An anonymous tip and surveillance footage tipped off authorities to the petty thieves. Martins and Flanagan can be seen on security footage dressed in head-to-toe black, near the scene of one of the crimes, according to the Daily Mail.

Screenshot/Camden Maine Police

The two were brought in for questioning last Thursday and were arrested shortly thereafter. According to the New York Post, Martins was charged with burglary and felony theft and is awaiting a court date.

Both Martins and Flanagan were released on $1,500 bail.

Screenshot/Knox County Jail

Sources told the New York Post that Martins could potentially face more jail time for a June run-in with the cops in which she was found with crack, heroin, and a hypodermic needle in her parents’ Manhattan home.

When questioned about his daughter’s state of mind after the small-scale heist, Peter Martins simply told the New York Post, “She’s fine.”

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