ABC’s “The Bachelorette” is down to the wire.

Just a few weeks out to the grand finale, apparent frontrunners are emerging from the final group. During the course of this season, 28 men have been eliminated to leave three lucky finalists — Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus, and Bryan Abasolo — standing in the wreckage of broken hearts.

And only one can take home the big prize: 31-year-old attorney Rachel Lindsay.

It’s not a far stretch to question the intentions of adults who enter the realm of nationally broadcast reality dating, and “The Bachelorette” is no exception. But this season has shed a refreshingly transparent light on the motivations and true feelings of the men vying for Lindsay’s heart.

Fans have applauded Peter’s open reservations with the proposal process of the program and Eric’s candid depiction of never being in love.

However, there seems to be a snake in the grass, or a thorn on a stem, if you will, within the Los Angeles-based love house — serial dater Bryan Abasolo.

Abasolo, whose been predicted from mid-season to take it all the way, seems to have a prickly past that may indicate the most egregious sin in “Bachelor” lore — not being here for the right reasons.

Curious detectives at BachandBachettefans.net have found old footage of what seems to be Abasolo on a 2004 UPN dating show called “The Player.” See for yourself:

The opening credits feature a man with a very Bryan-esque face, long, flowing locks, and those signature cheeks that Lindsay can’t help but fall for.

According to Refinery29, the concept of the show was this: “13 men with a lot of product in their hair competed in various player ‘tests’ to earn a date with a Miami model named Dawn.”

A press release from UPN explained the show a little differently, adding that the “players” become “masters” of the opposite sex throughout “sudden death” eliminations:

“The Player follows a cultural cross-section of guys who find themselves living together in a palatial mansion in South Florida with Dawn and her two beautiful girlfriends. Throughout the hot spots of South Beach and Miami, these self-proclaimed ‘masters of the opposite sex’ will attempt to win over Dawn, with the approval of her girlfriends, as they are thrust into a variety of scenarios with the possibility of sudden death eliminations.”

This kind of behavior may not bode well for “Bachelorette” lead Lindsay, who has asserted time and time again that she’s here for a serious fiancé, not a waste-of-time scrub.

Fans of the franchise got a whiff of this rumor on Twitter, and they were anything but happy.


Many see it as a glaring red flag:

And they’re calling for his elimination:

Some say his fashion sense alone is worth the ax:

But we’re not sure if Lindsay really cares. “The Player’s” IMDB page doesn’t list Bryan’s last name, so we can’t be entirely sure, but as Bryan may so charmingly remind you, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

We’re keeping our eye on you, Bryan.

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