It’s been a rough week for “The Bachelorette’s” Rachel Lindsay.

The reality star and the show’s producers were slammed on social media Monday after she eliminated contestant Dean Unglert following a heartbreaking hometown date.

On Monday’s episode, the couple headed to Colorado to dine with Ungler’s “eccentric” father, from whom he has been estranged for years.

The meeting quickly turned into a dramatic showdown.

Unglert and his father, who now goes by the name Paramroop S. Khahsa, hashed out years of unresolved emotional trauma relating to his mother’s death — all in front of the cameras.

It was enough to make fans feel uncomfortable; some even called the show “not morally right.”

And it got even worse when Lindsay eliminated Unglert from her final four later in the episode. Some Twitter users wrote:

And now “Bachelorette” Lindsay is stirring up even more trouble.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay said that she doesn’t want to see any of her final four men, including Unglert, as the next “Bachelor.”

Why? She’s simply too attached.

Lindsay told ET that she thought that Peter Kraus, who is still on the show, could be a good fit to star on the reality series, but she’d prefer it if he didn’t.

Lindsay told ET:

“I feel slightly possessive over the men that were on my season. Do I think he’s a great person? He’s obviously handsome, absolutely.

All my top four would [be great], but I don’t want to see any of them as the next Bachelor! Let’s pick someone from JoJo [Fletcher’s] season.”

The reality star also admitted that she hasn’t been paying much attention to what fans of the series think of her decisions — or her men.

When asked about social media users’ negative response to contestant Bryan Abasolo, a frontrunner this season, she told ET:

“I’m not surprised, because that was my reaction when I first met him. I had my guard up. I questioned it. I haven’t really been paying attention too much to what fans are saying, but I’m not surprised they think that.”

And yet again, Twitter users had a lot to say about her recent comments:

Regardless of how Lindsay feels, one of the final four men from her season likely will be dubbed the next “Bachelor” star.

But not all hope is lost for the other men. They may get another shot to find love on ABC’s spinoff series “Bachelor in Paradise,” which premieres on Aug. 14.

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