On April 24, “The Bachelor” star Chris Soules was involved in a deadly traffic accident with a 66-year-old grandfather and veteran just 15 miles from the reality star’s Iowa home.

Kenneth Moser was driving a tractor near Arlington when he was rear-ended by Soules, who gained popularity as an eligible bachelor on ABC’s hit reality series. Moser, a farmer and U.S. Army veteran, was sent flying into a nearby ditch.

According to earlier reports, Soules contacted 911 and informed the operator that he could see blood coming from Moser’s mouth, but did not know how to perform CPR.

Instead of waiting for help to arrive, Soules got into his truck and fled to a nearby residence where he would hid away from Iowa State Patrol for several hours.

Moser was eventually taken to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to injuries from the crash.

Police could only speak with Soules once they received a search warrant hours after the initial 911 call. He was later charged with fleeing the scene of a deadly accident. According to People, a state prosecutor said in court:

“At no point did Mr. Soules come out of the house, or cooperate with law enforcement at any point in trying to get in contact with him regarding this individual and the [fatal] accident.”

But now, attorneys for the reality star are hitting back. New documents filed by the legal team Friday state that Soules tested clean for drugs and alcohol hours after the accident.

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Posted by AOL on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

As a result, they have asked that several topics related to alcohol be ruled “not admissible” in court, including:

“Any evidence, testimony, reference, or argument that, on the night in question, Mr. Soules: 1) purchased alcohol, 2) consumed alcohol, 2) drove while impaired, or 3) had beer cans in or around his vehicle.”

And because the reality star was only charged with fleeing the scene of a deadly accident, they have asked that Moser not be called a “victim.” The document read:

“The State has not charged Mr. Soules with any crime asserting he is criminally responsible for the death of the decedent.

Thus, it is wholly improper for the State or any witness to refer to the decedent as a ‘victim’ since such a reference inaccurately characterizes the events relevant to the instant charge.”

The news quickly spread across social media, and Twitter users were not happy with the former “Bachelor” star. Some wrote:


Soules has pleaded not guilty to the charge of fleeing the scene of a deadly accident. The 35-year-old’s trial is set to begin on July 19.

Until then, the Vietnam veteran’s family will continue to mourn the loss of a beloved grandfather.

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