Britt Nilsson, 30, made her reality television debut in 2015 on Chris Soules’ season of “The Bachelor.”

The friendly Michigan native didn’t win his heart in the end, but went on to compete against Kaitlyn Bristowe for the title of “The Bachelorette” — though the contestants ultimately selected Bristowe for the coveted spot.

Now Nilsson is opening up about her difficult experience filming the reality shows, and it turns out she was dealing with a lot more than heartbreak, according to People.


The 30-year-old recently released a series of YouTube videos titled “Addiction,” that detail her struggle with an eating disorder while on the “The Bachelor,” among other battles.

Nilsson said that she had been treated for bulimia before appearing on the series.

She had suffered from the eating disorder since graduating college, but managed to get it under control through treatment programs.

But the stress of the show just “became too much,” causing her to relapse.

Nilsson admitted that she went to great lengths to hide her condition from producers and other contestants, including muffling her mic in order to vomit. She said:

“You’re mic’ed 24/7, and I would take my mic off, and, you know, try to hide it under towels and stuff so they wouldn’t hear me throw up.”


The 30-year-old said she kept her “shameful” condition concealed so that it wouldn’t become a plot line on the show. Nilsson said:

“I had broken blood vessels and would throw up until I was bleeding out of my nose, and then I would just wipe it off. And I just couldn’t stop.”

The “Bachelorette” star also said that she previously battled with cocaine addiction and alcoholism throughout her life.

Nilsson said she battled with drugs throughout her college years, and fought alcohol addiction up until this year. She said she would often down a whole bottle of wine at night and be back “taking shots” in the morning.

The reality star said that nobody on “The Bachelor” caught wind of her eating disorder, though she thought some of the other women on the show had their suspicions.

Nilsson is now happy and healthy. She said that she no longer forces herself to throw up and hasn’t touched alcohol in a year.

She now hopes that speaking out about her struggles will help give others “hope.” And in addition to defeating her battles, Nilsson recently found love.

Earlier this year, she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jeremy Byrne, who she said is the first person she ever told about her bulimia.

There’s no word when the two plan on tying the knot, but it seems that Nilsson finally got her happily ever after.

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