During the first part of the five hour season finale of “The Bachelor,” fans watched on as Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped the woman he had proposed to months earlier.

The season 22 Bachelor explained to the cameras that he could no longer shake the feelings he still had for the runner-up and was preparing to break up with the woman he chose to be the winner in order to see if he still had a chance with the other one.

The decision and the break-up — which was broadcasted on live television for all to see — shocked viewers.

At the start of the episode, Arie is shown thinking over the decision he’s about to make, unsure of which woman he loved more. He told both of the finalists, Becca and Lauren, that he loved them, repeatedly.

In the end, however, he sent Lauren home and proposed to Becca, telling her:

“I choose you every day from here on out.”

But during the last hour (hour three) of the show, Arie told the cameras — before telling his fiancée —that he couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren (the runner up):

“I go to bed and I think about Lauren, and I get up and I think about Lauren. I have to follow my heart. I really feel like I made a mistake.”

Arie then proceeded to let Becca (his fiancée) know that he was still in love with another girl (Lauren) and that he was prepared to break off their engagement just to see if he had a chance with Lauren.

Becca was shocked by the bomb dropped by Arie.

And, just as a reminder, this whole conversation was filmed in front of cameras and then broadcasted on national television.


Poor Becca, am I right? Former Bachelor/Bachelorette alums agreed:

After Becca calmly took off the engagement ring and asked Arie to refrain from touching her and to leave, the 36-year-old continued to hang around, making the moment all that much harder to watch.

Prior to the airing of the break up, Arie admitted to US Weekly that he has no regrets:

“The finale is going to be very interesting for fans to watch and my journey to get there, but I am very happy and it’s been an experience that I will remember forever. I really have no regrets doing it. All I can really say is that I’m very happy and it’s going to be fun for me to watch that back.”

Many of the fans of the ABC show said on social media that the “unedited” break up should not have been aired for all to see, it was not fun to watch:

Despite the heartbreak Arie put her through, Becca had nothing but nice things to say about him. She said in a statement to People:

“He’s a good person, I don’t think he’s a monster and purposely did this to hurt me and make me feel this way. But it’s just the result of his actions. At the end of the day, I don’t think he thought through everything of how ending things with Lauren would be, how being engaged to me would be and what breaking up with me and going back to her would be. I don’t think he thought it through, but I don’t think he did it maliciously to break my heart.”

Right now, it’s unknown if Lauren took Arie back. “The Bachelor” fans will find out that answer during the second part of the finale which airs tonight, March 6.

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